Scottish based multimedia project by NYK Media, Scotland

NYK Media was established in 1998 when setting up the Charlotte's WWWeb centre in North Lanarkshire. In 1999, as part of our own Scottish Writers' project, we began publishing newspapers and small magazines, such as Now You Know. (ISSN 1468-5388 in print or ISSN 1745-3402 online.) To our knowledge, 'Lanarkshire News' was the first fully online newspaper in Scotland. Since then, NYK has run countless projects and challenges for small businesses, writers, artists, crafters and money savers and we are now in the process of developing the Frugaldom Project so it may provide all concerned with a suitably creative, rural retreat.

NYK Media offers writing and blogging services, reviews, reports, online research, art, graphics and photography plus editorial services, such as proofreading, previews, layout, design and advertorial features. Within the directory, we can provide text, banner and sponsorship advertising, stand alone web pages, integrated content and online promotions tailored to suit your budget.

We offer free text links to all relevant web sites, blogs and forums.

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