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These (Cheap) Boots Were Made for (Frugal) Walking

A photo diary about walking and frugal footwear!


Trainers bought in February 2012, walking boots bought January 2013, cost under 40 for the lot inc P&P.

Walking is probably one of the cheapest forms of both exercise and transport available to us and it's something that most of us can, depending on health and mobility, enjoy. It gets us places that no car can reach.

I have walked a few miles over the past few years, mostly for pleasure, so I thought I would take a look at how frugal this can be when you factor in the cost of appropriate footwear. Herein lies the problem! Should one invest in top quality, expensive walking boots or stick with the cheap and cheerful variety, replacing as and when required without any fear of breaking the bank?

This is my take on comfort and affordability - my choice of footwear is shown above and cost me less than 40 for both pairs. So, just how much wear did I get out of them and how many blisters did it involve? The honest answer to the latter is ZERO BLITERS, unlike some of my companions who do tend to walk in some rather expensive, specialist footwear!

As far as walking is concerned, I had a few hills and fells to climb plus a couple of places to see, as per my list of 'things to do before I'm... 50! Both the trainers and the boots have been used almost daily since I bought them - trainers for ordinary walking, some fell walking and a walk up the Merrick, boots for all the daily hill and fell training between January and May prior to setting off for Fort William. I think it is fair to say that my frugal footwear covered many, many miles in all weathers, both day and night.  

Walk this way...


Chilcarroch Standing Stones looking towards the Galloway Hills

Craigeach Fell, watching a snow storm rolling over Cairnsmore of Fleet

Out and about in the snow, March 2013

Walking up many steps, including those at St Medan's near the old church graveyard

Walking down many steps, inclufing those at Barsalloch Fort

Walking through many forests and woodlands, including Airriequhillart in Dumfries & Galloway

Many visits to the top of Mochrum Fell - highest point within the Machars of southwest Scotland

Walking up The Merrick - highest hill (mountain) in southern Scotland at 843m (2,766 ft) August 2012

Walking up Cairnsmore of Fleet - 711m (2,333ft) in February 2013

Walking up Ben Nevis - highest mountain in Scotland and, indeed, the United Kingdom at 1,344 m (4,409 ft)

Following the cairns through the snow on Ben Nevis, what an absolutely spectacular day!

On the summit of Ben Nevis, May 2013

Walking across the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland, August 2013

Walking around the Giant's Causeway in August 2013

Walking through wind farms - Black Law, October 2013

Walking up Tinto Hill to the highest point in Central Scotland 711m (2,333ft) October 2013

Many twilight walks up Barr Hill, overlooking Luce Bay

Many sunset walks around Elrig Loch

But now, sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to my comfortable old shoes and boots, as both pairs need replacing! As you can see from this photo, they have almost had their day, although I am sure I can scrape a few more miles out of them on the understanding it's just simple, flat roadwork. The gravel in the sole of the boots is a momento from Tinto!

Regatta Outlet , you served me well! I may even keep the laces as souvenirs!

Now I need to move on and start over again, breaking in a brand new pair of walking shoes or boots.

Let's see how I get on with these pretty pink-detail ones, costing a whole 16.42 including postage and packaging! The final price will depend on how much cash back tracks.

In the meantime, I may keep the old ones and use them as planters in the rock garden!

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of my tootsies as they have travelled far and wide over the past couple of years. I now find myself needing new slippers, also, so that's something for the Christmas list, should anyone happen to wonder what I need.

My new walking boots * should be arriving next week and, suffice to say, I ordered via Amazon so I could use a free voucher I had already received from Topcashback* plus the site was offering 8.08% cashback on current purchases. I paid the balance using a 1% cashback credit card, so these are actually costing me less than 10.00 I wonder where they will take me?

Edit: My cashback account has confirmed 1.32, so that brings the price down to 15.10 less the 1% cashback from credit card make them 14.95 less the Amazon voucher credit I already had - actual cost of around 7.00 means I really cannot grumble about the price of suitable footwear. 

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