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What is it about British horse racing that attracts the world's attention? Dubbed, 'the Sport of Kings', horseracing certainly warrants closer inspection by even the most humble 'punter'. But the sport does appear to attract all types of people. Bloodstock figures can reach into the millions, race winnings can be hundreds of thousands and gambling losses and gains can also be many thousands. But nowadays, almost anyone can own a horse or pony.

For some, it's simply the thrill of seeing or even riding a horse, the need for which normally starts from a very young age. Owning, caring for or riding a pony is something to which thousands of children aspire. It is FUN! It can even be affordable for all, if you're a frugal equestrian.

Horse racing, can be about the excitement of the gamble - placing your hopes and dreams on the nose and stride of a finely tuned animal based on your knowledge, personal preferences, predictions, analysis and yes, even on your own guesswork based on nothing more than a hunch. You may follow the trends of the current top jockeys, successful trainers or fashionable bloodlines or perhaps you simply enjoy a Bet on the Grand National once a year.

The horse bug bites deeply and can be chronic. Once a horse lover, always a horse lover, there's no getting away from it and I even love the history of these fine animals, much of which began right here in Galloway, with many of the graetest competition horses tracing their ancestry back to the Bald Galloway himself!

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