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WomanZone has been around for quite some time, having forst apeared in 1999. It is a light-hearted approach to helping solve some of life's little problems that we can all face. Like how to look good and feel good while juggling home life, work, family commitments and finances. We may not be able to solve all the problems but we can at least make light of them.

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Woman zone in the Daytime

We are the frugal, domestic goddesses of our generation! Oh yeah, we are all at home cooking and cleaning, looking after whoever needs looking after, taking care of whoever and whatever needs taking care of and wearing our aprons as we waltz around the kitchen to the smell of fresh baking and the sound of music! We are culinary wizards in the kitchen and whirling dervishes with brooms, vacuums and dusters! But what's really going on under those aprons once the strings have all been cut?

Woman Zone at Anytime, Day or Night 

Of course we all love our soaps, beauty treatments, chocolate, lounging and wine drinking - who doesn't? We deserve a break in between all those hours of cooking, cleaning and caring, don't we? After all, it's a long time between dinner and breakfast!

Woman Zone in the Evening

Official Fifty Shades of Grey Lingerie Collection by Bluebella

So, hands up everyone who has the time, money and inclination to make their daytime activities all worthwhile by making up for it at night? Do we really want to be daring with our sharing and what we're wearing? Or do we just want an early night and a nice cup of tea or cocoa?

Womanzone Vintage

Sohos - Click here!

A recent find for Womanzone is the Soho's online store, offering fabulous vintage inspired, gothic, steam punk and some hot, alternative fun fashions.

Questions can be asked that may not have been asked elsewhere. It will include tales of marital bliss and harmony (or not, as the case may be) and an alternative look at diets, health, fitness, housekeeping, equality, inequality and anything else remotely connected to the subject of women - even men! Political correctness may not be our strong point, but it's all meant to be fun.

Don't forget sexy - it can win over everything else no matter what the problem, apparently, so if you are in any doubt, try the " Undercover Experience " to spice up your love life. 

For fun, fashion, fitness, family, home, finances, career & idle gossip plus a few reviews and endorsements to help pay for the running of the site.The Woman Zone Blog is PR friendly and is currently accepting guest blogs. Check it out HERE

Join us in the Womanzone Forums and get money savvy with the followers and friends of Frugaldom!

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