March 2019 marks 20 years since the set-up of our original Scottish Writers group, many of whose members helped create and publish 'Lanarkshire News' (Scotland's first completely online newspaper), 'Now You Know' (in print and online), and 'Paranoid Times' (in print and online). Although we have moved away from printing newspapers, our writing and publishing projects continue. This year, we begin the barn blogging project to run alongside Ecoarts, at Frugaldom.

Red Kite ecoarts sculpture and Galloway Hills

One of the views from the barn yard

Running an agricultural project that involves planting woodlands, orchards, hedgerow and herb beds while pursuing careers in creative writing and art isn't exactly traditional farming and it was never going to be easy while trying to accommodate five rescued and rehomed ponies, but that is exactly what we are doing here at Frugaldom. For the past almost five years, we have been planning, preparing and planting with the hope of creating something that will be worth sharing. Now that the main groundwork has almost been completed, it is time to look at carving out some creative space while waiting for the trees to grow.

The barn

Today, I took a closer look at what needs to be done before the barn blogging project can truly begin. This is the barn. It is of wooden construction, built from local larch around fifteen years ago. It is from here that our art and writing projects of the future will be developed, in the hope of providing a creative environment for group members seeking inspiration. 

I'd love to be able to say that this will all be up and running soon but being off grid in the middle of nowhere means very little help available by way of volunteers. If, per chance, you are passionate about writing, art and the environment, love the great outdoors and would like to get involved, please get in contact.

Leave your anxieties behind and destress through the power of creativity, try wilderness barn blogging this summer.

NB: The huge seahorse on the barn is made from beach-combed rubbish.

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