Recently, I have been mulling over the problem of how to fit my writing into busy days spent at Frugaldom and I came to the conclusion that the best solution was to create a quiet space where I can write, in between planting, pony care and project development, at the barn. This is my first post detailing my journey to becoming a barn blogger.

The Barn Blogger's Barn

This is our barn! It's a big wooden building used for general storage of agricultural equipment and it's usually got a pony or two wandering around nearby. Last spring we had a few sheep and their lambs visit and up until just a few weeks ago, our chickens slept in the barn. Sadly, one fateful morning, the mink decided to return and that was the last of the chickens. RIP Mr Speckles and his lady layers.

Our barn is sectioned into smaller areas, each used for something different - hay and bedding, harvested produce, all the old tools and bits of fencing that we seem to accumulate, stuff for recycling, hens (except they are no longer with us) and anything else you can think of that can be used around Frugaldom - most of it donated, as we operate as a not-for-profit, social enterprise. There are loads of Swallow nests, a couple of Wagtail nests and several bat roosts. Some mornings I go in and I am almost sure there has been an owl to visit, as I have found pellets on more than one occasion: I will need to reposition one of the cameras to watch out for that. I like the barn. It has two small tean-to structures, one on either side. The first is storage for the rain harvesting tank plus a secure area for what used to be a generator room. Everything is off grid here, but we don't have a generator on accounts of us not wanting to cart or store fuel. On the sunny side, we have the potting shed, where the cuttings and seedlings are. This could make a lovely place to sit and write once the summer gets here.

There is a yard in front of the barn and then beyond that the new orchards, edible hedging, herb gardens and Ecoarts. It's a bit bleak at the minute, what with all the rain we have had, but on a clear day, we have a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside, fringed by the Galloway Hills on the horizon. It really is quite inspirational. Whenever someone says they don't know what to write about, or in the case of our visiting artists, what to draw, paint or create, I can easily say, "Just take a look around and then decide". There are also ponies or, in the case of the above photograph, a visiting horse who was here with her owner for a therapeutic break.

As of yet, I do not have my designated writing space in the barn but I have started my preparations. My Little Red Box with its solar panel is at the ready to provide lighting and mobile phone charging, and I have a slightly larger solar panel charging a leisure battery, onto which I can fit the invertor. (This is the magic box that converts the solar power into electricity that can be used with a standard 3-pin plug. It should provide enough power to recharge the laptop, should I forget the time and wafflw on for longer than planned.

I'd have loved to have given you a guided tour of my barn blogging den but it isn't even started, yet! Instead of planning things out, I got distracted while checking the willow and birch saplings trees, so I ended up going for a walk to see what was beginning to grow. I'll post those photos in the next blog.

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