Frugaldom the place, Frugaldom the project, Frugaldom the experience... we're planning out first FRUGALFEST!

As a bunch of skint writers, artists and crafters, we survived the turn of the century by deploying every frugal means possible. We scrimped, we saved, we battled to stay afloat and we slowly chipped away at debt until it had all gone... and then we saved.

Every year, we meet, greet or welcome newcomers to our frugal fold, hoping to help them along the way to their own ultimate frugaldom and the freedom to enjoy it. Join us and learn how to stretch the pennies, fight for fitness and generally find your new money savvy self.

Whether you are aiming to lose a few pounds in weight or gain a few pounds in savings, we can guarantee that the frugal way costs less than almost any other way and can demonstrate proven results. It costs only £5 per month (£60 for an entire year) to join us as an official 'Friend of Frugaldom' and now is the perfect time to start!

We are about to begin our February Fitness exercise - a challenge that can help put mind, body and finances into a better state.

You could lose lbs and save £s, stretch the pennies, tighten the purse strings, eat a healthy affordable diet and put a brand new plan of action in place that could benefit you for the rest of your life. 

Join us now as an official Friend of Frugaldom and find like-minded others to accompany you on your exciting journey.

Join our quest to reach the FrugalFest!

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