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25 Feb 2016

It seems we have very few serious bloggers or writers in the NYK forums and I can't quite work out why. Blogging seems like the perfect moneymaker for frugal living folks looking to work from home, so perhaps they just haven't got the time to read what others write.

The more we share, the more we have

It costs nothing to write

Writing is creative, it can be educational, it can be personal and it can create shared experiences between readers and writers. It is something almost everyone can do... no matter how bad a typist I may be, I earn most of my frugal income from writing, blogging and web-based publishing. It isn't a sure-fire way to get rich quick but it is rewarding and offers job satisfaction. I work from home, I do hours to suit myself. I live within my means. It isn't an easy ride but it paves the way for all types of exciting journeys.

For anyone who is new to the idea, this is a link to the NYK Media rate card, listing basic fees and charges. We try to be as affordable as possible. If paid oopportunities become thin on the ground, there are always sites offering freelance work. I hope not to need to use them, but I have. I often receive invites to jobs that I mostly need to turn down, owing to other commitments.

It is worth polishing up your grammar, dotting your i's and stroking your t's

In today's ever-changing technological society, the competition is stiff, but virtual - companies are desperate to find ways of sharing news of their products and services and are prepared to pay for the privilege of an attentive reading audience. Can you help them?

It costs nothing to share

At the bottom of each of these posts there are various share options and even a comments box. Whether you love it or hate it, share it and say exactly why. Comment whenever you want and never forget that a warm welcome awaits everyone who joins in the conversations in our free forums. In the words of the immortal Leonard Nemoy, "The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have."

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