Since Valentine's Day has been and gone, some may be left wondering if it happened at all. Were there flowers? Were there chocolates? Cards? Fine dining? Lingerie? Jewellery? Or are you still stuck within the jaws of austerity, just grateful to have made it halfway through February without running out of milk, eggs or flour by pancake day?

The (Frugal) Secrets to that Hourglass Figure

Yes, dear blog readers, this is going to be a tale of sorrow and a tale of joy - the sorrow of being skint and overweight, the joy of lingerie on a shoestring budget. You get what you pay for, so 'shoestring' may just possibly be the operative word here! 

Are you ready to enter the lurid, alternative underworld of our womanzone? Don your killer (£5) heels and step this way, see if you can become the lucky UK-based recipient of our sexy lingerie giveaway!

It's a 'one size fits all' skimpy wonderland out there and, if you know where to look and you have the grace (or gaul) to attempt to look good in anything, then this one is most definitely for you!

Austerity Rules! Definitely not for the faint-hearted and not for anyone who can't appreciate a bit of a laugh now and again. We're bringing back Eddie while trying to tempt Millie May back into the foray that is the WomanZone.

The age-old question of weight gain and how to prevent it.

Quit eating so much junk - that's the first rule of thumb and, in this blog post, it's also the last. If you want health and fitness, take a jog over to some of my other posts that will be far more relevant. This one is about giving the illusion of the hourglass figure and some of the secrets that a cheapskate may use during their pursuit of their body beautiful. Love what you have and make the most of it for as long as you possibly can.

Mirrors lie! 

Few, if any, can look in a mirror and see perfection, that's why we need photographs and that's why digital manipulation of graphics has become so high-tech. Try it yourself - don your ancient yoga gear or even just a pair of cheap leggings and snug-fitting T-shirt. Take a photo (or have someone else take it) and then look at it on screen... you don't need Photoshop Pro for a touch-up job! Try Paint!

Looking Cheap!

With the global markets opening up more and more, currency conversions being almost instant and costing minimal fees and consumerism still continuing to sweep our nations, there has never been a better time to bag a bargain. All too often I hear complaints about failing to support our local markets and rumblings of discontent about cheap imports and foreign goods flooding our markets. Well people, you have to remember that what may appear as a cheap bargain buy to us may represent a week's wages elsewhere. In countries like China, the minimum wage starts at around £25 per week, whereas the British minimum wage is fast approaching ten times that amount! So, spending £25 of Chinese goods could be equated to spending £250 on a similar item, possibly bearing a designer label or big brand name! 'Cheap' is completely relative to location within the world!

Let's Make It!

If you don't fancy a bit of the 'cheap stuff', have you considered going down the DIY route? In its own way, it qualifies as handmade, individually designed and would, otherwise, have cost you a small fortune? No matter what your body shape or size, there's something skimpy, seductive or sexy out there just waiting to be worn and the skimpier it is, the less it will cost to make it. This is womanzone on a shoestring!

What you Need!

One handkerchief sized piece of fabric, approximately 30cm x 30cm

Some old ribbons or shoelaces

Needle and thread

Fabric triangles


Fold the square of fabric diagonally and then fold the resulting triangle in half and cut out the four resulting smaller triangles. Alternatively, draw two lines, each from corner to corner diagonally across your square of fabric and use these as guidelines for cutting out the smaller triangles.

The stretchier the fabric, the less of it you will need.

Carefully hem around the edges with either matching or contrasting thread.

To be continued... watch out for part 2.

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