Today I calculated the household's carbon footprint at 3.5 tonnes per year. I then proceeded to calculate how many trees we need to plant to offset that. Averages suggest one native broadleaf tree per tonne of CO2 per year, so I'm making an effort to catch up over my own lifetime. Are you?

Plant trees

Find out how to calculate your carbon footprint with this handy web tool that can be found on our page titled, "trees."

Birch trees

Today, we launched the option to plant a tree at Frugaldom.

You can choose to donate, sponsor or dedicate one or more trees as part of our woodland regeneration project. With over 700 trees already pledged or donated, we expect to have well over 1,000 planted over the next year. Further details available in the Frugal Shop.

Today is Day 1 of the Frugaldom 100-Day Challenge

That's us into the final 100 days that conclude the 2014 challenges, during which time we are also preparing for the arrival of 2015.

Today is also the day I was asked if Frugaldom had a 'wish list'. 

Until now, there has been no public 'wish list', so I am attempting to write one:

The Frugldom barn


  • Wood preservative for protecting the barn
  • Wateproof paint/bitumen for the barn roof
  • Wooden pallets - as many as we can get
  • Wooden fence posts
  • Wooden fence rails
  • Gardening tools & saws
  • Yacht or marine varnish for waterproofing wooden signs
  • A lightweight bike suitable as cycling between sites
  • Rope and string
  • Lightweight wheelbarrow
  • Gardening gloves
  • Nails, screws, garden wire
  • Camping equipment


  • Scaffolding (temporary) so we can reach the barn roof
  • Long ladders for reaching the top of the barn
  • Trail cameras for monitoring wildlife
  • Solar powered UV water filter system
  • Wooden benches for picnic & seating areas


  • Painting the barn
  • Sealing the barn roof
  • Planting trees
  • Digging vegetable beds
  • Clearing ditches
  • Log sawing & chopping
  • Wood clearing
  • Bridge building
  • Yard weeding
  • Pond digging
  • Path-laying

If anyone can donate any of the above, please feel free to deliver to Frugaldom. I am sorry that we are unable to collect, but with only bicycles, collection outside of the immediate area is impossible. We do, however, welcome all visitors while we are working on site and always have time for a chat.

We greatly appreciate any time dedicated to helping with this project. To take part, or even just to find out more, join us free by registering your username in the Frugal Forums. Registration can take up to 24 hours owing to anti-spam measures I have had to implement, so please complete a basic profile to help speed up the process. Once registered, you can then take part in any of our challenges, live chats or events. There's no spam that we're aware of and we don't save details for any mailing lists.

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