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Online Cashback

I first joined this web site in 2008 and made my first ever claim for cash in April of that same year - exactly 6 years ago from when I wrote this new web page for the relaunch of our Scottish Multimedia group of sites, which include Frugaldom and the Frugaleur. The above banner is my friend referral link where I invite you to join me and earn back some precious commissions as you shop online in some of the biggest and best stores available.

As a frugal living specialist whose primary aim is to steer clear of debt, save whatever I can and plough every other penny into creating a self-sustainable life that I love living, every penny counts. For me, shopping in any other manner is a complete waste of precious time and resources. Living in a rural location seriously curtails the urge to spend because we simply have no shops nearby but the Internet is the absolute cornucopia for those enslaved to consumerism. Love it or hate it, we all want to enjoy our lives. Topcashback just happens to be one of life's little pleasures in Frugaldom. Here is my tale of free cash told simply in easy to follow graphics. As you will see, all the original payments were taken in cash and deposited straight into a bank account, readily available for any purpose. This continued until 2011, at which point an even better option presented itself - 5% extra if we converted cash into vouchers. Barring one mistake, I have done this ever since.

Over the past 6 years, I haven't only saved myself a tidy sum by seeking out the best deals available for whatever I want to buy, I have also been paid a percentage of my purchase costs as free cash or vouchers.

It may not seem like a staggering amount of money to have accrued over this time scale, but for someone who runs a household budget challenge of £4,000 per year, this equates to being handed back nearly 3.5% of my annual household spend. Not only that, if you have a cashback, fee free credit card paying you another 1% on all spends, it means even more cashback for you. It can amount to quit a few pounds over the year.

It soon mounts up and as the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Frugal living means wise spending and the freedom to choose exactly how, where, when and why. Try it for yourself via the top banner and start collecting your own free cyber dosh - remember to opt for the free membership unless you are a big spender and can benefit from the extra opportunities available.
















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