Cyberdosh - The cash free society will soon be upon us!

Cyberdosh began life as virtual cash that once found in our treasure hunt, could be converted into real cash, or else once earned durng our Cyberdosh money-making challenges, could be spent from whichever account it was saved - usually PPPay or PayPal.

The money-making challenges eventually developed into our frugal entrepreneur challenges (Frugaleur) and are now about creating or earning cash online. It's Cyberdosh! (Virtual cash)

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"The Dot Com economy is NOT doomed! On the contrary, it is paving the way for the long awaited level playing field."'s cash treasure hunt : see an archived snapshot from 2000

Competition in the marketplace is forever reported in the national and international press. Stocks, shares, the economy, monopolies, mergers, terms and conditions... boom or bust, rise and fall, here today and gone tomorrow... another stock market crash. Cyber culture is here and the new economy can't afford to ignore 'cyberdosh' - Can you afford NOT to control your marketing budget? Can you afford NOT to brand your company, products and services? Can you afford NOT to invest some cyberdosh, dollars or cash? Soon, there may be no alternatives. Enter our world and share our ideas. Be part of the competition

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