Scottish £100 noteA Little Bit of Cyberdosh History

The Cyberdosh Challenges have been around since 1999, so they pre-date quite a bit of modern-day social media and interactivity but it could simply be said that we were ahead of our time. cheeky

Cyberdosh was originally set up as a virtual (cyber) money (dosh) game, combining free to enter cash prize competitions with sponsored advertising. The initial experiment met with some success, especially when it inadvertently got mentioned on the website. That event caused great hilarity in the NYK office, as prospective investors were flooding my mail box requesting details of the share issue!

Forums, blogs and social media were still a long way from where they now are. In the year 2000, I submerged myself in the public forum foray, eventually running Cyberdosh money challenges on a monthly basis. We succeeded in proving that sales increased accordingly with any increase in advertising, marketing and promotion, even when no money was spent. Not exactly rocket science, you may think, but for many newcomers to online cash generation, it convinced them to take the plunge and start a small business.

Much has happened over the past couple of decades.

For home-based working parents, family commitments often took over, more often than not at the expense of starting up or succeeding in business. Nowadays, opportunities abound for everyone and anyone with a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit and it is my belief that this is still only the tip of the iceberg.

Cash, or more specifically credit, isn't as readily available, so budgets are being squeezed and stretched to near breaking point. But times continue to change. Interest rates have never been lower, yet I'm still not seeing historic lows on the cost of borrowing.

We need the ability to evaluate and grasp every golden opportunity while considering both short and long term plans. We need to be able to conduct business in a business-like manner in ways other than standard currency. Yes, we have now seen the invention and roll out of projects like Bitcoin but you still need money to get involved.

What we want is an alternative, an entirely virtual currency valued on people skills rather than numbers on a bank balance.

For that, we of the frugal ilk have Cyberdosh.

Join us in the forums to be keep up to date with what's happening. 

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