Get out the Red, Beat the Blues, Get into Purple! It may seem like the good life, but we all NEED to earn. We also NEED to protect our identities and reputation. How can eBid help protect your identity? The site is much, much more than a frugal alternative to eBay.

eBid online auctions

Joining eBid isn't just about buying and selling online... it's about protecting your identity, your business, your online reputation and your right to access a whole new virtual platform FREE OF CHARGE!

For the sake of a few minutes, and without it costing you a single penny, prevent someone else from registering your username, business name or trading name! You can click here to do that now, if you prefer, then come back to learn more about the advantages of what you have just done.

If branding is important to you, don't forget to register your username anywhere you can, especially if it's free to do so. (Have you registered your username on our Frugal Forums?)

eBid is a very well established online auction web site with millions of listings in over 11,000 categories. It has members in over 20 countries and is growing by the day. It's no flash in the pan, it's something that every online seller, advertiser and marketer needs, even if it's simply to protect a business name and make the most of another free selling platform.

If you already sell on eBay or elsewhere, then consider giving eBid online auctions a test drive, too.

If you are planning to:

  • Start a new business
  • Launch a new product
  • Run a new promotion 
  • Widen your advertising
  • Liquidate surplus stock
  • Review your marketing strategy
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand your online presence
  • Integrate social media
  • Reduce costs
  • Declutter

eBid could provide you with many ideal opportunities. At the very least, you can secure your username for future campaigns and reap the rewards of some extra SEO and publicity.

eBid rewards all of its members with loyalty points known as 'Buddy Points'. Save them then spend them, without needing cash - it's BRILLIANT! (You do not need to buy or sell on eBid to earn buddy points.)

eBid is FREE TO JOIN and offers three types of membership - Buyer, Seller and Seller+

For Seller+ members, you can get up to 5 free online stores with secure shopping and payment systems that incorporate PayPal, PPPay and Google checkout, amongst others. You can open up to FIVE online stores with NO MONTHLY CHARGES or you might choose to open none! With eBid, you have free choice.

NYK Media has been a member of eBid since 1999. That's 16 years of FREE ADVERTISING so far, with up to 5 stores ready and waiting to be put to use at any time.

Membership is growing worldwide. eBid began life as the UK's online auction site; if I recall correctly, it has always been FREE to join and FREE to list. If you decide to open stores, there's now a fee for LIFETIME membership, however, this soon pays for itself when you consider that from thereon in, you may never need to pay fees again. You can, of course, choose to incorporate optional extras in your sales listings, which will cost you a few pennies along the way.

As soon as you register, you can begin earning 'buddy points' as part of the eBid loyalty scheme. These can be earned in several ways and spent on a variety of items, from branded merchandise to big brand electronics.

Earning Buddy Points:

Buddy Points can be earned by referring your friends, customers and colleagues, buying, selling, sharing your friend referral link (I'm unashamedly hoping that this blog post will attract a few new buddies!) and following eBid on social media platforms.

How to earn eBid buddy points

If you haven't already done so, I invite you to claim your free eBid username HERE. (If you choose to upgrade to a full Lifetime Seller+ membership, they'll send you a welcome 'freebie' T-shirt, so don't forget to email eBid and tell them what size to send you.)

If you want zero auction fees for life plus all the other benefits, then the SELLER+ Lifetime Offer is available at just £49.49 if you upgrade within 24 hours of joining.

What can you get for a small investment?

  • Free to list (lifetime)
  • Zero Final Value Fees
  • 5 Free Photos per listing
  • 5 Free eBid Stores
  • Uploads to Google Shopping
  • Import from eBay
  • Unlimited Listings for Life
  • Simple to use
  • And let's not forget that all-important FREE T-SHIRT!

If you aren't ready to go the whole hog with a lifetime membership, you can still have a good look around to get the feel of the site and make the most of all the free marketing and advertising potential that the platform has to offer. The lifetime Seller+ offer is valid for up to 24 hours after you register, so don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

eBid online auctions - a free alternative to eBay!

How to Join

Go to eBid, select your country location and register your details and username. Joining is fast and free.

As mentioned by a savvy fellow eBidder, if you buy, sell or advertise on other sites like eBay, it's safest to register your username on eBid now, before someone else does! Register your username FREE by clicking HERE.

As a marketing tool and secure trading platform, eBid could be a frugal answer to otherwise costly problems. Integrate it with all your social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook, use it as a store front for your web site, incorporate it into all your advertising and marketing plans...

Help beat the blues, get out of the red and into the purple!

NYK Media

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