Fire Fogging Systems Ltd, Scotland - Fighting fires in the FASTEST time with the LEAST amount of water causing the LEAST amount of damage while further protecting firemen. 21st Century fire fighting techniques that saves lives and saves water! It's the new art of keyhole fire fighting.

Fire fogging

This is a little bit about a small Scottish family business whose entrepreneurial spirit battles on to prove that modern technology can harness the power of water in an economical way, meaning less needed to extinguish wild fires and reducing the many dangers faced on a daily basis by firemen. I find this quite innovative and am proud to be associated with such innovation and development.

Having the right equipment in the right place at the right time and making it affordable has never been more important. For rapid intervention into even the most remote areas by land or sea, unencumbered by usual height and weight restrictions, Fire Fogging Systems offer safer firefighting for all.

This is the new art of keyhole fire fighting. By incorporating an advanced technology 10-in-1 quick release attachment system for multipurpose use, our keyhole fire fighting equipment reduces the dangers involved in entering fire areas by lowering the number of potential hazards fire fighters face. The system causes induces rapid heat reduction, helps shield firefighters from radiant heat and causes less stress and strain on the operators.


Over the last few years fire & rescue services have realised the extent by which fogging technology has advanced. With the latest developments in our 10-in-1 attachments (accessories) system, our fire fogging equipment has revolutionised wild fire fighting

It is a proven fact that most fires, even the most difficult, can be extinguished with fog, yet the capabilities of fogging have been grossly underestimated and underutilised, even using the simplest methods – until now. With 90% evaporation, it removes most of the environmental issues, making it the most eco-friendly fire pump on the market.

It's time to stop searching and start saving - you simply get more for less and this system can help save lives. Fog has a massive role to play in the future of fire fighting and now that the technology is here to harness that power, it simply cannot be ignored. In many cases, we are reducing firefighting time from hours to minutes and water volumes from gallons to litres. The figures speak for themselves:

  • Car fire extinguished with less than 15 litres of Water
  • Bombing & firing range fire reduced from 3 days to 3 hours when tested under similar conditions
  • 80 Mt. oil bund fire extinguished with less than 90 litres of water in 3 minutes 40 seconds
  • Bedroom fire extinguished with 15 litres of water in under 1 minute

A fog pump can make water go further and last longer - 3 minutes to 40 - than a conventional fire pump and can reduce water damage by 90% by using cupfuls rather than tankfuls of water.

Having over 30 years of experience within water efficiency and decontamination, we pride ourselves in our ability to promise and provide the most advanced fire fighting solutions to our customers. Fire Fogging Systems Ltd. is an established and respected supplier to approximately 70% of the UK’s fire & rescue services, over 75% of UK National Parks and the majority of land management agencies. Our systems have been trialed, tested, approved and are operational with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and are operating worldwide in areas such as Australia, China, Falkland Islands, Ireland, Lebanon, Oman and Russia.

Please feel free to share this article, as these systems could be used in so many locations. Ideal firefighting equipment for large stable yards, holiday parks, farms, business and conference centres, forestry enterprises and within communities.

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