With our frugal living challenges starting so long ago, I have slowly, but surely worked my way through many lists, none more important than the pursuit of debt freedom, simple living and, ultimately, the bucket lists!

Homemade bread

We all set off on our individual quests for various reasons - in most cases, it's for money reasons, or lack of it! However, life is for living, not for worrying all through it about the bread and butter of our existence - money! In modern society, we can't really manage without the horrid stuff, so we set ourselves little goals and think about things that we would like to try to achieve along the way. My personal lists normally follow the format of 'things to do before I'm...' whatever age.

This was my list of things to do before I'm 50

I did not too badly with that list but then wondered what would happen if I really did manage to see the Aurora Borealis and completed that list before the age of 50, then had no follow-up in place.

This was my next list of things to do before I'm 50

It has now just dawned on me that once again, the Aurora Borealis has eluded me and that it is time to move on and start compiling my next big 'to do' list, only this time it's going to have to be before I'm 55 and it should have been written over a year ago, as I'm now 51 and have 3 grandchildren! surprise Where does all the time go? No amount of money can buy that, so it's very much a case of get to it - live life to the full on the frugal budget and have fun in the process!


I have come a long, long way since 1999 and, despite everything, my fight to succeed continues. Frugaldom has certainly expanded from the postage stamp garden with it's herbs!

Witnessing the spectacle of the Northern lights, once again, will be added to the next list but my thoughts and feelings about things on my ultimate bucket list change as the years pass. Some things just aren't meant to be while others you feel compelled to hang on to forever, in the hope that you recognise the opportunity when it puts in even the briefest glimmer of an appearance. New additions get added to the equations and old possibilities die. So, without further ado, I am going to write my things to do before I'm 55 and will add it in here soon.

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