We have reached month 12 of our 2014 frugal living challenge and are now preparing to embark on our next big swash-buckling, belt-tightening, money saving adventure. Have you got what it takes to challenge your budget in 2015?

There will be some major changes in 2015, none more so than those surrounding our new outdoor project. But that doesn't mean forgetting about the scrimping and saving, no way! On the contrary, it means even more rigorous overhauls of the new budget so it can incorporate even more into the development plans we have for Frugaldom.

Several of you have already taken the opportunity to visit the site and take part in the preliminary stages, so I am really looking forward to welcoming many more of you in the future. Meanwhile, however, life goes on, incomes need to be earned and many more bridges need to be crossed.


There will be plenty of this going on during 2015 and that means spreading the word, generating sales of handmade goods and homegrown produce, featuring sponsored links and reviews and making the most of every opportunity presented. We pay to protect the site from pop-ups and random third party advertisers, but we still need to make it pay for itself.

Tree Planting

We have already planted over 500 tiny trees at the Frugaldom project and we hope to take this number to over 1,000 before spring, all based on a cash neutral budget.

Frugal Arts, Crafting and Small Business

In order to pursue our goals, we will be introducing several new sponsorship opportunities for the purposes of fundraising and income generation to help take the project towards self-sustainability as quickly as possible.

Community - Virtual and Actual

Group activities and challenges will be organised throughout 2015 and, as always, all contributions towards costs and overheads are gratefully received. In return, we hope to be able to provide all our members and supporters with a fun and frugal retreat that can be visited at any time, either online or in person.

Merchandise & Souvenirs

We will be offering a selection of Frugaldom merchandise and souvenirs throughout 2015. These will be made available for sale through the Frugal Shop at www.frugalshop.co.uk where we will be providing 'buy now' and auction style listings.

The quest for financial freedom


Join the Money Saving Challenges

In order to access any of the challenges (or chat room), you need a username and password. Registration is completely free and we do not store your details, nor do we pass on your details to any third parties. Dormant accounts are deleted, so please maintain some form or interactivity once you join. The Frugaldom web site, blogs, forums and chat room are all hosted within the Scottishmultimedia.co.uk website, which is owned, controlled and financed by NYK Media, who reserves the right to delete any content or username that does not conform to guidelines. It is a basic measure to help minimise risk to members from spammers and scammers.

Looking forward to the December ADVENTure Challenge, my needles are ready clicking, my milk cartons ready for cutting, my garlic ready for planting and my Christmas preparations almost complete. The 2014 budget is stretching nicely, the £1 per day savings have been maintained and I completed my 50,000 words in the November 'NaNoWriMo' writing challenge so all that remain now is to make it through the final 31 days and be prepared to face another year head on, with the ourse strings tied tighter than ever.

NYK in Frugaldom

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