After an abysmal start to the day the sun eventually broke through the clouds by around noon and then it shone the rest of the day. In fact, it was jackets off, sleeves up and sun cream needed by mid-afternoon and then a slow walk home, taking photos along the way.


This is a quick photo blog of how yesterday went. I had a meeting on site at lunchtime, so I was pleased the rain had stopped by then. Corral 2 has been properly measured and all the remaining blackcurrant cuttings have been planted among the edible hedging. I think I planted 110, possibly more, blackcurrant cuttings among the sloes, elders, raspberries and blackberries.

Edible hedging

It's quite difficult to see all the new trees and fruit bushes but you can just make out the plastic spirals - the edible hedge has now been planted around two sides of the barn. Left of this photo is the Buddleia, which will need cutting right back at the end of this year.

Logs and firewood

Does this count as biomass, I wonder? Since having the corral properly fenced, the logs have all had to be moved again so we really do need to look at getting them cut up and used in other ways - likewise with the pile of branches and twigs behind them. We've been using that as kindling for the camp stove but it could take a while to use it up at that rate.

Path to willow walk

The temporary path leading to what will be the willow walk is still in place and now needs to be kept under control until such times as it can be properly developed. Judging by the tracks, the deer seem to like it.

Flower bed

I dragged a few bits of log from the pile and have started marking out a flower bed in the wild garden. There is so much to do and I know exactly what I want at the end of it all but it has to fit with the lie of the land as it was when we bought it, so this fits nicely into the plan.

Area for vegetable beds

The area behind corral 1 is where the first of the vegetable beds will be going. It's quite well drained but will take a lot of work to get the beds built and filled, then they all need protected from the wildlife. We don't want the deer or the rabbits grazing on anything. While clearing bits of ground yesterday I found the perfect spot for our first herb spiral but there's no point posting a photo as it's nothing more than a grassy hillock at the moment. By around 4pm I was burning in the sun and had to head for home - the morning's weather hadn't exactly made me think of straw hats and suntan lotion!

The following photos are a few of what I took while sauntering back along the half mile or so to the caravan.

Raptor lookout post

No, this isn't an anemometer measuring wind for any turbines, it's a lone conifer left after commercial felling. The birds use it as a day time lookout and night time hunting post.

The gorse in bloom

The scent from the blooms on the Gorse is quite strong so you get a waft of it when walking past; there's also a very distinct buzz from the assortment of bees around it. Had I more time, I may have tried making some gorse flower wine, which is said to be very good. Maybe next year, as I'm just not organised enough this year nor do I have surplus sugar in stock at the moment. Mind you, for a couple of bottles of champagne style fizz...

The new trees can be clearly seen growing out from where the last plantation of commercial forestry was felled. We won't be growing any commercial conifers at Frugaldom and are relocating any seedlings we find to nearby Balloch O'Dee, where they are planting a small woodland beyond the campsite.

The road home

This is looking back down the lane towards Frugaldom. I try to take a carrier bag with me and collect any roadside rubbish I find along the way - it's atrocious how many people just throw their juice cans, bottles and food wrappers out their car or van windows. I also hate that so many people still think it is ok to flick out a lit cigarette with absolutely no concern whatsoever for where it's going to land! Keep your junk to yourselves! I was astounded and furious to spot a kids' trampoline and the remains of an old vacuum cleaner tipped down the ditch next to this tiny passing place! Some people have no shame, common sense or conscience, nor do they have any respect for their natural surroundings! These people were dragged up, not brought up, in my opinion!

The Black Loch

The Black Burn runs through Frugaldom as a tributary to the River Bladnoch, all protected waters. Between us and the caravan is the Black Loch, which is stocked for fishing and has boats available for hire. I just know I'm going to be out rowing on this during the summer months, even if it's just to get photos from the other side.

The Black Loch

It's a beautiful spot, especially on such a sunny day. I'm surprised nobody is out there, to be honest, but there are still many people who haven't discovered this tiny hidden gem of a corner in Dumfries and Galloway.

Common Lizard

I stopped off at the loch just to admire the view again and look for the swallows. I saw the first of them a couple of days ago, darting to and fro, skimming the water. On the boardwalk, this time, I spotted this little common lizard sunbathing.

The golf course

Just opposite the Black Loch is a 9-hole pitch and putt golf course. Its still fairly early in the season so not many holiday makers about at the moment, or certainly not many who are out practising their golf swing.

Home from home

Home from home at Frugaldom overlooks the golf course and there really isn't all that much other than that between here and there, but it still takes me half an hour to walk to and from work because I keep stopping to take photographs!

Gift of grub

When I got back, there was a 'welcome to your new home' gift waiting for me - thank you so much to the kind frugaler who sent this and I know I'll be seeing them back here at some point, so hope to have runner beans aplenty by then! After dinner, I settled down at the computer with my Super Mix and caramel latte to have a chat with expectant daughter and just to finish off my day, she went into labour. So, the Frugaldom family has increased by one bouncing baby boy who should make a brilliant little ranch hand when we're up and running properly. Not too sure if daughter & son-in-law will be all for that idea, mind you, but here's hoping the next generation can have some great times ahead of them, right here in Frugaldom. This frugal gran will be encouraging them all the way!

NYK in Frugaldom

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