Frugaldom in June

09 Jun 2015

Glorious sunshine has burst through at Frugaldom, so it's back to work on the land project - in between dog walking, lemon curd making and spending some cash free, prime fitness time making the most of the swimming pool here on site.

Wild rabbit

Around the caravan, the gardening has already ground to a halt. Having the bird feeding station and a nest box fitted has generated some excellent photo opportunities, especially with the woodpeckers visiting many times each day.

Field mouse on the bird table

At ground level, however, our little furry friends are having a ball. Not all of them are staying at ground level, either. First it was the rabbits digging up the rosemary and the birds pecking the strawberry plants, then it was the field mice running up the dry stone wall to help themselves to the bird food and now I have an owl visiting every night, obviously thinking the mice are for supper snacks!

First bed prepared in the garden of gratitude

Today I took the neighbour's two little dogs with me to Frugaldom, so the conversation was a bit one-sided during the walk there and back. They were very well behaved and sat watching as I dug and prepared the first of the beds in the garden of gratitude - this explains the furry tail-end that got into the photograph!

This is the current view from the garden of gratitude when looking towards the Forest but this vista will change as time progresses. The wood will be harvested and new trees planted and to the forefront, we still have to lay out the rest of the garden. Future plans for this include seating and possibly a picnic bench, as it will all form part of the eventual walk.

Frugaldom project

As you can see, the Frugaldom Project is beginning to come alive now that the flowers are coming into bloom, trees leafing up and grasses growing. Just out of shot in the above photo will be the first of the ecoart displays, where the barn owl swoops to land on a nearby tree stump. The sculpture is well underway and definitely taking shape, so we are hoping it will be completed and in place later this month.

Ecoart by H R Mayson - barn owl landing

There is so much to do out at the project that it's difficult to know where to start next. I am always on the look-out for willing helpers and accommodation can be arranged for willing volunteers. There are camping facilities nearby, as well as various other options, so don't be shy, give frugal living a try. More details available on this and other options in our forums at or else get in contact.

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