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Are you a Frugaleur?

We've all heard of entrepreneurs, then came mumpreneurs, dadpreneurs and any other type of 'preneurs' you care to mention, so we decided that it was only fair to introduce frugaleurs to show the world that even those of us who live a frugal lifestyle have the chance to build ourselves a business and make it pay. At the end of the day, entrepreneurs are just people with vision and a will to succeed, aren't they?

Have you got what it takes to become a frugaleur and run a successful business? Or perhaps you are turning around a failing business to steer it to success by way of money saving and money spinning tactics. Whatever you are doing, if you are doing it for yourself then join us in the forums to 'play the game' of moneymaking - take the Frugaleur Challenge.

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In the current economic climate it isn't always easy to see beyond the overdraft, the mortgage, escalating costs of living, the next debt payment or, even, the next pay day. For the small business owner, the thought of mandatory pension plans, sick pay, holiday pay, the national minimum wage, maternity pay and paternity pay can all instil dread and fear. But some people carry on regardless, in search of personal achievement and financial success. These people have no obvious source of funding, no angel investors and no financial backing from any institution. It could be because they are a new breed of entrepreneur, followers of a frugal working and living ethic, supporting one another and seeking to be solvent, debt free and proud of it!

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There is NO ENTRY FEE and there is NO PRIZE. This is simply about like-minded individuals who want to give it their best shot, despite all odds, to create and/or preserve their own business, generate their own source of income or even just earn money from home to help sustain their chosen lifestyles.

It is not impossible to generate a healthy income and build a business from a virtual standstill, but the big difference between the successes and failures seems to be readily available cash! Most projects need it to start up, advertise, generate business, achieve targets and grow to become successful enterprises... Most, but not all !

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So who or what is a 'frugal entrepreneur'?

It is someone who is starting out with very little, in some cases nothing, and pursuing their dream or creating their own frugal empire. Never give up the dream - you could soon be self sufficient in earning your own bread, even if you're rubbish at baking it!

Frugal Entrepreneurs (Frugaleurs) are driven not by the need to make money,
but by the need to realise dreams
(Shamelessly adapted from a definition found on

My definition of a 'frugal entrepreneur' is someone who tries to make as much out of life as possible without relying on others. The ultimate goal is to live a rich and fulfilling life without having financial worries.

  • Business entrepreneurs judge their successes on how much profit they make.  
  • Social entrepreneurs judge their successes on how much social change they can achieve.
  • Frugal entrepreneurs or Frugaleurs judge their successes on freedom from debt and fulfilment of a lifestyle dream. If it happens to lead to a fortune in the bank, then so be it. It's simply a by-product of a frugal lifestyle of making do, mending, bartering, recycling, reducing, reusing, sharing and helping others reach their goals. You can always give the cash away if you don't want it.

As a frugal entrepreneur, I've pursued many, many different projects - some work, some don't, none have earned me my fortune, yet. I'm sure the secret has to be about living and working within your means, regardless of how little or how much that may be, and making every penny work hard for you, preferably with minimum risk. It may sound like playing it safe but the ability to spot the tiniest potential and having the therewithal to leap at an opportunity is what makes it all the more fun. Let's face it, if it all fails, we, as frugal entrepreneurs, haven't exactly lost a fortune, have we?

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It is interesting to note that a study from Spectrem Group, featured by, stated that Americans worth more than $25 million think of themselves as frugal but actually live large. More than half agreed with the statement that "saving and investing my money gives me greater satisfaction than spending it." (I wholeheartedly agree.)

When asked about how they became wealthy, "frugality" ranked among the top five factors, below hard work, education, smart investing and taking risk.

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Frugal -

Entrepreneur -

Frugaleur - A frugal entrepreneur is in the business of making frugalism pay for the good life.

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