Just herbs, growing in Scotland

'Just Herbs' is part of the Frugaldom social enterprise project

In our quest to avoid the ravages of the great Scottish Midge and those itchy, scratchy, sometimes painful bites, we turned to herbs. Not just any herbs, but a select few that can help deter such pests, plus several others that can be of benefit to both you and your horse. Our horse herbs selection will be available soon.

Not only do we plan to sow and grow a huge variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, we will also be harvesting Bog Myrtle (Myrica Gale) and a variety of fruit and berries.

For a complete 'getaway' to de-stress, we will soon be able to offer you the opportunity to come and pick your own. (See details of our affordable accommodation here.)

As part of the Frugaldom project, our aim is to offer an alternative approach to health and well-being and while this is primarily thought of as a human concept, the basic principles of 'we are what we eat' and a holistic approach to health and nutrition are of equal importance to our animal friends - in this case, equines.

Bog Myrtle ~ Mint ~ Thyme ~ Lavender ~ Rosemary ~ Curry Plant ~ Sage ~ Citronella scented Geranium

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