Going on holiday may be a pipe dream for those battling debts or juggling over-stretched budgets, but we all need a break sometimes, if only to help preserve our own sanity! That's why, here at Frugaldom HQ, we are developing bolt holes - specially tailored options to help make your escape affordable, even on the tightest of budgets. Come and learn more about frugal living, experience the lifestyle for yourself and crunch the numbers needed to set yourself on the path to debt freedom.

Scottish loch

Frugaldom project is a social enterprise currently being developed to help support those who want to learn more about personal sustainability, financial awareness and general household budgeting in a way that cuts waste, saves money and reduces our impact on the environment. Frugal living is a very popular lifestyle choice that absolutely anyone can adapt to fit their own circumstances, regardless of income or budget. It can be achieved through practice, taking small and simple steps to understand current spending habits and adapt them to frugality. 

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, please get in contact and I will do my best to tailor a plan to suit your personal budget. We aren't about making money (although we obviously need to cover costs), the main aim is to spread the word that frugal living is NORMAL and that it is only certain elements of society that portray it as anything other than that.

  • Frugal living is NOT self imposed poverty
  • Frugal living is NOT meanness
  • Frugal living is NOT old-fashioned or out-dated
  • Frugal living is NOT 'just for poor people'

Frugal living is a way of life that engages mindfulness and total financial awareness. It involves establishing the true balance between income and spending, teaching us how to do much more with much less. We learn not to bow to peer pressure and not to be intimidated by financial wealth - wealth for us is knowledge, debt freedom and a lifestyle that is not part of any rat race. ANYONE can do it but some simply don't know where to start. Frugaldom offers you that start.

You can either join us free online or you can get in contact and arrange a short stay visit where you can sample frugal living for yourself while discussing facts and figures that can help set you on your quest for debt freedom. Better still, you can bring friends or family to learn with you. Prices are tailored to suit your personal budget and various payment options are available, including barter / exchange, so don't let lack of cash prevent you escaping for a few days to learn more about this lifestyle.

For now, accommodation is in mobile homes, as per the Frugal Breaks website, but the cottage bolt hole will soon be available for those wishing to try downsizing while pursuing a frugal lifestyle of make do and mend, growing their own fruit & veg and getting creative in an arts & crafts workshop.

www.frugaldom.com  ~ www.frugalbreaks.com ~ www.facebook.com/Frugaldomwww.twitter.com/Frugaldom

‚ÄčThe new frugal breaks website will contain photo blogs, availability, prices, special offers, special events and online booking for our standard holiday options but even they are price as affordable options for many and we can accept holiday club style, interest free payments to spread the cost of your holiday break.

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