Cheap and cheerful living in small spaces is what many aspire to, which is quite amazing considering what's available to buy nowadays. But for frugal living, we want fun and affordable homes, like tiny houses, cabins or even caravans, camper vans or tents. Well, tomorrow is a big day for me, as I downsize to frugal summer quarters.


As the above sign clearly says, it's only a small drive to paradise, or in our case a walk or a cycle, so bring your bikes or walking boots as well as your gloves and welly boots if you are planning a trip to help out on the 'range' that is now known as Frugaldom.

Home from home in a static caravan

This will be basecamp for the foreseeable future! It's a good bit smaller than Thrift Cottage, at just under 385sq feet, so I am hoping that it will prove to be a comfortable and affordable choice, not withstanding the additional benefits of it being very handy for Frugaldom. It basically means falling out of bed and walking to work in the great outdoors. Hopefully, there will be a deck built before this month ends, so relaxing on that with a glass of homemade champers after a long day of toiling in the field sounds great!

View of the green

This is the view of what lies between here and there (Frugaldom) with the little patch of grass in front of the wall ear-marked to become a micro kitchen herb garden. I may even enter the site competition for best garden plot in 2015!

View towads the three lochs

This is the view from the door, looking in the direction of one of the three lochs after which this site is named. From tomorrow, this is Frugaldom home-from-home. Don't worry, there's still plenty of space for Frugaldom friends and relatives visiting and I should be able to pick up the site WiFi to keep you all up to date with progress and arrange your visits. Apart from that, you should be able to get me on my mobile. (Retro, I'll text you as soon as I can to check.)

Frugaldom project

Finally, here is the main garden and work space - from the opposite side of the river and all around the big garden shed, which is actually a rather large barn. (The corrals, new woodlands, quarry and orchard are all beyond the barn.)

As you can see, my outdoor space far, far exceeds my indoor space but this is yet another aspect of the kind of frugality many have when aiming for money saving, lifetime goals. The cost of living in a mobile home can make it a very attractive prospect, even if you do choose to pay extra for the luxury of having it on a fully serviced plot with access to on site facilities, but these are all things I'll be blogging about as soon as I get everything organised.

Moving this close to Frugaldom is one more step closer to fulfilling the dream of creating a woodland wilderness, living off the land and communing with nature. These things can easily be entwined with small space living and the modern luxury of technology. Now to make it all affordable and learn the ropes of caravan living. It's a great big adventure ready to happen and I have slashed my challenge budget accordingly.

All going to plan, I should be able to update tomorrow, when I'll be starting a brand new food store, meal planning, scheduling and getting to grips with the new lifestyle. I'm thinking of it as an extended, fun-packed vacation!

Join for all the updates and I'll see you in Frugaldom soon.

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