Saturday the 19th March dawned crisp and bright, announcing the arrival of another glorious day. It's been amazing having a full week of sunshine, so the vitamin D levels have been suitably replenished and the Frugaldom yard is now full of ponies!

Frugaldom ponies

After announcing the impending arrival of Eddie, Pippin and Willow, the passport check after vet's visit revealed that our pony was Frankie and not Eddie - Eddie is still with his owner and in full health. We have the 3-year-old Frankie. He needs to take things easy for a bit to see if he fully recovers from a suspected stifle injury, so his freedom is being restricted to the yard and corrals. For company, he has 2-year-old Willow and little Pippin, who is proving to be the boss!

Some years ago, I was part of a small horse rescue charity. We had to rent land, fund-raise constantly to help meet the feeding, farriery and veterinary fees and campaign extensively to make ourselves heard. On several occasions, no amount of money or care could save some of the ponies that came to us. It was heartbreaking seeing the way many of them had been treated and kept, with many cases of neglect being a direct result of financial problems for the owners.

30 years later, I find myself with the opportunity to create a frugal paradise for ponies and this is what I intend to do - both for the resident ponies and for future equine visitors. The creation of the frugal pony paradise will be documented on the blog link at Horses Galore. This will allow anyone with a special interest in horses and ponies to follow the progress and see how money savvy we can be in that department.

To conclude this brief blog post, the caravan season has resumed, tree planting is in full swing, plans are afoot to create a frugal pony paradise paddock system and I am currently sketching the layout for the raised beds needed for this year's vegetable growing. Did I mention we now also have three ponies at Frugaldom?

Pippin going for a walk round Frugaldom with the children

As soon as the children arrived on Saturday they had Pippin out for a walk, showing him his new surroundings, which included a walk around the garden area and then right inside their den! I need eyes on the back of my head for this lot and an extra pair of hands for poop-picking!

It's going to be a very busy year, here, but we shouldn't be short of manure, that's for sure!

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