Clan McGonk of Scotland

Who or what are the Galloway McGonks?

These are fun, frugal little characters with a story to tell. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each handmade in the Galloway region of southwest Scotland. They are 'reco-friendly', being recycled from faux fur or fabric off-cuts, oddments & cheap finds. No two McGonks will ever be absolutely identical.
Please note these are NOT toys.
Clan McGonk is part of our Eco-arts project here at Thrift Cottage in the land of Frugaldom.
The McGonk characters are like little furry eco-warriors, out to help prevent waste - Wimbledon Common has it's Wombles, while the huge cogs of consumerism churn out electronic Furby toys, but here in Frugaldom we have the Galloway McGonks, our very own Scottish furry friends.

Each is individually crafted from whatever materials are available at the time, mostly recycled bits and pieces or anything that can be found to keep them affordable to all. Indeed, these little creatures could even be reminiscent of Gremlins, because they'll be really upset if they happen to get wet, but this is mainly because some are stuffed with shredded paper, to help with the recycling.

Our frugal friends love being travel companions, always looking forward to their next big adventure, wherever that may be. They want to share their tales and photos with the world, bringing a little bit of Scotland to wherever you may be.

McGonks' great 'Port to Fort Challenge' - Port William to Fort William for a walk up Ben Nevis to help raise funds for Port William Lifeboat (Pirsac) - was completed on 25th May 2013 with a total of £635 raised.

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