What is a Microholding?

If you have heard of smallholdings (or crofts or homesteads), then think even smaller...

Microholding is everything in moderation, from a frugal lifestyle to a tiny house with an allotment style garden that relies on a combination of food growing, recycling and sustainable land management. A tiny house could be anything from your permanent home to a hut in the woods that you visit at weekends and holidays. The main point is that it's a small and affordable space where you work towards achieving self sustainability.

These pages will take a look at various options for alternative lifestyles and lifestyle experiences, ranging from Scottish hutting to tiny houses, cabins, caravans and some interesting small space accommodation with enough potential to embrace them as sustainable living possibilities.

Tiny house projects with microholding potential have been around for a long time

A tiny one room cottage with its own allotment.


You can take a look at Britain's smallest house here (but it doesn't have an allotment garden)


The Microholding pages will be updated soon. In the meantime, please follow the project development at www.frugaldom.com


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