My Long Shots

12 Feb 2016

My long shots in the investment stakes may not always be profitable or even sensible, but they aren't offered as financial advice, they are simply a reflection on the types of mental calculations that go on here at HQ. You have to speculate to accumulate, as they say!

Long shots and frugal investments

Gambling long shots, frugal investments and pension planning

An alternative, light-hearted and sometimes satirical look at obscure bets, novelty bets, gambling long shots, frugal investments and personal pension planning.

Topics include:

  • Backing outsiders - 3.35pm at Newbury on Saturday 13/02/16 - 2 long shots named Mad Jack Mytton and Matorico
  • Gambling long shots
  • Hedge funds (edible and otherwise)
  • Investments portfolios (fun and frugal)
  • Microholdings
  • Good guesswork
  • Financial wins
  • Financial losses
  • Flips and flops
  • Ocean economy
  • Alternatives
  • Sustainability
  • Money grows on trees

How are you investing in your future? Gold? Stocks and shares? Banks & building societies? Premium Bonds? ISAs and tax free savings? Property? Land? Intellectual property? Or are you simply winging it in the hope of landing a big fish with a wee wriggler? Here at NYK we opted for the challenging route of money games, playing to turn pennies into pounds, even if it means the odd 100-1 shot now and again.

2016 - all I've done so far is plant some money trees and save some cash into Premium Bonds but with little to no risk to my capital, it's not really an investment, just a long shot hope of being a lucky winner one day in the future - I class this with my pension planning.

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