Myrical Products Made from Myrica Gale

Bog Myrtle or Myrica Gale is also known as Sweet Gale

Bog Myrtle or Myrica Gale is also known as Sweet Gale

Grown and harvested at the Frugaldom social enterprise project in SW Scotland

Despite this plant being reported as containing abortifacients and, therefore, not suitable for use by pregnant women, it does have many endearing properties, assuming all such reports may be true. Reports suggest that the beneficial properties of Bog Myrtle can include:

  1. Midge and insect repellent
  2. Flavouring for alcoholic bevereges
  3. Aid for alleviating stomach aches, fevers, bronchial and liver ailments
  4. Acne treatment
  5. Anti-aging
  6. Ingredient in perfumes
  7. Foliage in wedding bouquets
  8. Natural dyes - ranges from yellow through to a deep honey brown

For the purposes of our project, we are cultivating the bog myrtle in the hope of being able to use it to help deter our Scottish midges. That in itself would be a miracle, from henceforth known as a myrical.

We can provide freshly harvested stems and dried leaves for the purposes of experimenting with your own herbal mixes. Our herb packs will be available to buy online soon.

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