Today began frosty with icy roads and frozen puddles, but it remained dry for most of the day and allowed us time to start decorating the Frugaldom festive tree.

Decorating the big tree at Frugaldom

The 'festive tree' at Frugaldom will take quite a bit of decorating, as it looks about 5 metres high - we haven't managed to measure it, yet. Some of the bottom branches will be trimmed to allow the children to get close enough for hanging decorations and we need to get the big ladders out to try and reach the top to prune it and fit the star. As this is quite a big tree, it will take quite a while to fully decorate it, so we have named it the Frugaldom Festive Tree - a tree isn't just for Christmas! Anyone who visits us in the future will be invited to bring a bauble or bow and add it to our festive tree.

View from the Frugaldom Festive Tree

Looking beyond the tree and across Frugaldom towards the Galloway Hills, we could see the snow lying on the summits. It's one of the views we hope will never change, other than by nature through the seasons and the trees growing. If you look carefully, you can just make out the tiny field maple trees that we planted in March of this year.

The year's work in one shot

Looking from the newly fenced barn yard, we can see the two corrals and the 'lane' that we hope will eventually lead to the woodland and willow walk, garden of gratitude, pond and the wildlife hides. Here's hoping more progress can be made soon but in the meantime, we have the ecoarts sign ready to be painted for our visiting poets!

Galloway Haiku

Maybe one day we will have both a poetry pod and a haiku hut at Frugaldom for our writers' retreats but for now we can content ourselves with the modern conveniences of comfortable caravans at the holiday park.

We still have the new Galloway Pippin apple orchard and the first of the new willow beds to be planted this winter before planting out the next part of our World War 1 commemorative woodlands. now has May 2016 offers available to book now - 7 days for the price of 5.

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