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is to spend no more than £1 per person per day on ALL MEALS

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Includes all the frugal recipes we post to the food blogs, including homegrown produce, foraged fruit, berries, fruit, nuts and herbs plus how to make meals from leftovers and taking part in the annual grocery and free food challenges.

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£1 per person per day food challenge

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For all our tried and tested favourite moneysaving tips, frugal recipes, batch cooking ideas, using up leftovers and what to make from home produce. It's about cooking, baking, stewing, brewing, preserving and even wine making on a budget. Please note that this is part of our official Frugal Living Challenge and entry into the group requires basic registration, which is free.

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Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur; the only thing missing for many is a great idea. The best place to find a great business idea is to look into something about which you are passionate, for example, if you’re passionate about nature, there are plenty of business ideas with which you can run!


Frugaldom - who, what, where, why?


Methane is 8 times more Powerful as a Greenhouse Gas Than Carbon Dioxide

It's been some time since 'Paranoid Times' first appeared but sadly failed to launch in print after we found ourselves indirectly affected by a national crisis - the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001! Several years passed, we worked on silently, watching, reading, researching, monitoring, writing and publishing on behalf of others... now we are publishing some of our writers' submissions in blog format.

We're more than half way through February and despite the continuing winter weather, temperatures are starting to get above 6 Degrees C - this means the grass will begin growing and with that, everything else, too. It's time for me to plan the food gardens, prepare the growing spaces and  start sowing seeds!


Going on holiday may be a pipe dream for those battling debts or juggling over-stretched budgets, but we all need a break sometimes, if only to help preserve our own sanity! That's why, here at Frugaldom HQ, we are developing bolt holes - specially tailored options to help make your escape affordable, even on the tightest of budgets. Come and learn more about frugal living, experience the lifestyle for yourself and crunch the numbers needed to set yourself on the path to debt freedom.


Frugal living in the countryside means no mains sewers, sometimes no mains water and certainly no ‘nipping to the shop’ to buy an individual item if you run out of it, so it is always handy to know how to make your own products, such as laundry cleaner.


What is the difference between a pullet egg and a hen egg?

2018 is going to be about concentrating on the little things to enable us to get more of the big things done! Like they say, if you take care of the pennies, then the pounds will take care of themselves. So, our first port of call is the chicken shack, where the Frugaldom hens reside. Last summer, we hatched out some chicks in the incubator - from a dozen eggs, we had 9 chicks but of those, only 8 survived the first 24 hours and 5 of them were cockerels!



What happened to the Frugal Living Blog?

Technology overtook us! Apologies for the lengthy delay in updating but somewhere along the line the virtual software upgraded and rendered my website obsolete when I tried to upload the new version. Many, many thanks to David for sorting out this problem and my profoundest apologies to all who lost access to the forums. That was a very sad loss, indeed, with several years of records and reports still on the server somewhere, we just can't read them. I finally resorted to updating the Frugaldom Blog, so it is still HERE. I will redirect very soon.


Welcome to 2017, even if it is a little later than planned. It has just been brought to my attention that the Frugaldom blog has been sadly neglected, so I am here to remedy that problem right now.


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