I've done it! I have gone and invested in a cheap mobile phone, a brand new one, at that! It isn't fancy, we still have zero signal at Thrift Cottage and I have an allocated annual budget of miniscule proportions for such technology, but it seemed like the sensible thing to do when travelling or working away from the immediate vicinity of home.


At 9.44pm on 26th March 2014, my old web site was all but gone and the replacement site went live! I was provided with 60 days of online support - my 'Warranty' - during which time I need to learn everything there is to know about it. I still know very little, so I shall apologise now for any interruptions or faux pas. Fortunately, I enjoy a challenge, I love writing and I'm not afraid to ask questions. cool

scribeA short test blog

 Apologies for no real content on this  post  but it is a short test blog designed to try posting via my Kindle Fire. It's a  rather laborious task, so  I can't see me attempting this very often! Few glitches needing ironed out before I would even want  try this again! Getting the feeling I should give up now!

Awesome technology!

Not being a gambler, I didn't risk betting my frugal fortunes on today's Grand National, although I did manage to pick second and fourth, if that counts for anything. I guess it would have mattered more had I placed real bets, but I didn't. 

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