The latest Frugaldom Project officially came into being on 8th July, 2014. This can be thought of as a 'members go free' virtual eco tour where you can experience Frugaldom for yourself, watch it develop from it's absolute beginnings and contribute or take part whenever you like.

Frugaldom is about frugal living and working - food growing, foraging, creating sustainable environments, protecting wildlife and looking at alternative energy and lifestyles. It fully embraces the great outdoors.


Frugaldom is also in the process of becoming a self-sustainable land project in southwest Scotland, where we are creating a foraging woodland, willow plantation, allotment style food and herb growing project, marshland gardens, wildlife habitats & outdoor eco art exhibition with open access - it is frugal freedom for all to enjoy!


We have no funding and no investment capital - it really is a back to basics, off-grid trading enterprise where making the most of what is readily available is what it's all about - waste not, want not - feel free to come along and help out anytime, create your own little space to enjoy frugal freedom.

The Frugaldom Project encompasses almost 5 hectares (over 12 acres) of land. It has a river flowing along one of its boundaries, a dry stone wall on another and direct access off a public lane. It has a large barn, a sturdy track leading to it and some hard standing for parking & turning, although we would prefer that you walked, cycled or rode into the yard if you ever come to visit. (There will be seating, bike parking and horse hitching provided in the future.) It is our first wilderness project embracing frugal work, rest and play.

With zero backing, zero investment capital and zero finance, it could take some time to develop Frugaldom and extend it to all who care to share. Donations are always welcome to help cover the costs of the web-site, forums and chat room, as these things cannot be paid by exchange of goods. To donate cash, you can simply visit the Frugal Shop online and help support virtual running costs. Being a member of Frugaldom is absolutely free. As a member, you will have access to the Frugal Forums, infrequent newsletters, scheduled events and also access to the frugal chat room. Joining is easy, just register your details via the forums. The process is only semi-automated, so there can be a delay in processing online registrations as these all need to be manually checked in our stringent bid to combat spam.

Siberian crab apples

Frugaldom Project plans include the following:

Planting a foraging woodland
Gratitude garden - a specially designated area for dedicated plants, shrubs and trees
Sensory garden - colourful, fragrant and part of a proposed walkway
Fruit, vegetable, herb and berry growing (and picking/harvesting)
Willow cultivation & coppicing for biomass, garden art, weaving and sculpting
Bog Myrtle (sweet Gale) cultivation
Heather cultivation
Sphagnum Moss cultivation
Arts and crafts materials from natural resources
Foraging & preserving
Ponds, marshland and bog gardens
Wildlife conservation
Wildlife hides for photography & nature studies
Wild flower meadow
Environmental art / eco arts open air exhibitions
Native woodland regeneration
Frugal fitness - we are on a national cycling route with miles of good walking or running ground off road and on, plus working in the great outdoors qualifies as getting fit.
Picnic areas
Seating, bicycle parking, horse hitching and corral


Most importantly - open access to experience Frugaldom for yourselves.

All of the above is set within an area of rural Scottish lowland countryside that will be worked as an entirely off grid frugal project, free for members to visit, help or support. The barn should make an excellent work shop and stop off point for passing cyclists, walkers, trekkers and visitors. Likewise, the project is ideally suited for writers, artists, photographers and crafters looking to relax or commune with nature.

For those who want to stay a bit longer than a day to truly experience Frugaldom, there are several options available locally, as the site is within easy reach of various several types of accommodation - or bring your own. We have already begun putting together our little camp kitchen - now needing some volunteers to come along and help build the shelter.

Visit the area and enjoy frugal fitness and fun - cycling, walking, cross country, wild swimming, pond dipping, kayaking, fishing and camping opportunities plus some luxury extras, like pony trekking, bushcraft classes and even a 9-hole pitch & putt golf course, swimming pool, café and small shop nearby. You might like to check out Balloch O' Dee or 3 Lochs Holiday Park for further details of what's available and when, within walking distance of Frugaldom.

Well behaved dogs are welcome most places buy should be kept on leads and under close control at all times

Assorted accommodation nearby includes caravanning, camping, roundhouse, bothy, chalets, mobile homes and a self-catering cottage.

Nearby Holiday Accommodation

Camping - bring your own tent, although we do hope to have a couple of spares available soon
Caravan/campervan - bring your own
Mobile homes - available to rent or buy nearby
Self-catering accommodation - farm cottage, chalet, caravan, bothy or round house.

Please note that, as yet, there are no amenities on the new Frugaldom Project site.


These will be advertised in the events section of the forums, with field trips advertised both there and on social media. You can 'like' Frugaldom on Facebook or follow Frugaldom on Twitter.

Hopefully, now that the shorter days are drawing in, I'll be able to blog more regularly abut the progress of our frugal projects.

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