The NYK Chat Room

28 May 2014

To date, the preliminary chats in the new room have proven to be most enjoyable, enlightening and entertaining. We all appreciate that typing errors can inadvertently be made and allowances should be made for this, mainly down to the fact that I wear out the letters on a key board quicker than I wear out shoes! Here goes with the weekly schedule; hopefully it will cater for your every need across the frugal spectrum.

Chat schedule

Since the introduction of the chat room, we have discussed several issues relating to money, lifestyle and income. If anyone would like to host a chat about a specific subject, please let me know so I can post it into the schedule.

A summary of events will be posted in the forums for those who miss any of the discussions.

Evening chats normally begin around 8.30pm UK time but the chat room is open 24/7 for any member to schedule an online meeting for some real-time chat. The following categories cover the topics for evening chats.

Monday Money Tree - A penny saved is a penny earned! Discussing various aspects of money saving and how we can make our money go further or even grow.

Tuesday Tips - Hints, tips, news and reviews for helping to get to grips with frugal living and working, helping support families, friends, neighbours and the community by setting a good example. Don't hide your burning passion for frugal living under a bush!

Wednesday Woman Zone - Let's face it, we women enjoy a good old moan about things now and again, so bring along your crafting projects and let's stitch and bitch or knit and natter! And lest anyone should ask, yes, men are more than welcome to join in the conversation. We're frugalists, not sexists or feminists. cheeky

Thursday Throwaways - Green, eco, recycling, reusing, make do and mend, what didn't you throwaway this week? Discussing all things waste not, want not.

Friday Frugalers - All things frugal living from cooking to cleaning, debt busting to DIY, gardening, foraging and preserving while beating the budget.

Saturday Social - Bring your own refreshments for some general chit chat where (almost) anything goes. Frugal fun for everyone.

Sunday Roast - Light-hearted round up of the week's events - who, what, where, when and with whom - get it off your chest before the start of the new frugal working week.

Although I cannot guarantee chats every day of the week, scheduled get togethers will be advertised in the relevant section of the forums. Don't forget to register beforehand so you can access these great new features. Registration is totally free but various security measures are in place to prevent spammers and scammers. It isn't a free for all.

See you in the chat room soon.

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