The cutest bantams available, in my opinion, are the tiny Pekins with their tiny stature, crazy antics, friendly pet attitudes and their big feathery feet. If you recall, we had 3 hatched between 6th and 7th May, so they are now just over six weeks old.

Day old Pekin chicks

Here they are at a day old, when we reckoned that the one in the middle looked like a cockerel and the other two like hens. Several weeks along and we still think the same - it's a trio.

6-week-old Pekin chicks

As you can clearly see in the latest photos, there is distinct red comb and wattles beginning to develop on the chick at the right, with golden mottles and more pointed feathering around his nape. Once his tail grows in fully, I expect to see longer cascading, tapering feathers there, unlike the short, fluff-ball look of the comical little hens.

Pekin chick

The coloured flecking comes from Mr Chirpy, our cockerel, as he has salmon 'points' and the spangling around the edges of the feathers, along with any resulting splash marks come from the hens. As you can also see, the fastest growing feathers are those on their feet.

Pekins are the favourite bantam breed in the Frugaldom household and, despite their diminutive size, they have proven to be really good layers, still producing plenty of eggs after almost 5 years. In fact, I must check back through old blog posts to find out exactly when we hatched the original birds.

Now it's decision time - do we sell or do we swap the little cockerel for a different bloodline and keep them in their own little corner of Frugaldom?

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