This past week brought some more great news for Frugaldom by way of our fourth award of a large, mixed native species tree pack from the Woodland Trust.


Woodland Trust free tree pack

We are delighted to hear of our latest award of another 420 mixed native species trees for planting as part of the new woodland at Frugaldom. This pack will be our fourth, kindly provided by the Woodland Trust and their sponsors and will form another part of our First World War Centenary woodland that we began planting in November 2014.

tree planting weekend at Frugaldom


This latest lot of wild wood tree babies will help form an avenue of downy birch, rowan, hazel and hawthorn to separate the wetland from the grassland, leaving plenty more space within the 10+ acre site for willow and bog myrtle and other wetland species.

As well as the native broadleaf species, I'm hoping that our 10 Galloway Pippin heritage apple trees will be here for planting into the new orchard. With luck, we'll get a dry weekend and a few volunteers to help plant the trees and prepare part of the garden area for sowing the poppy seeds that several of our members sent off for, again courtesy of the Woodland Trust.

We have limited accommodation for friends and family but with one caravan already occupied, it's very much a case of getting in contact as soon as possible if you want to stay the weekend. We're hoping the holiday park bar restaurant will be open so we can have a sociable get together on the Saturday night and there should be plenty of homemade soup and home baking on the go at the caravans, thanks to our extended frugaldom family lending a hand to feed the tree planting troops.

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