What happened to the Frugal Living Blog?

Technology overtook us! Apologies for the lengthy delay in updating but somewhere along the line the virtual software upgraded and rendered my website obsolete when I tried to upload the new version. Many, many thanks to David for sorting out this problem and my profoundest apologies to all who lost access to the forums. That was a very sad loss, indeed, with several years of records and reports still on the server somewhere, we just can't read them. I finally resorted to updating the Frugaldom Blog, so it is still HERE. I will redirect frugalblog.co.uk very soon.

The 2018 Frugal Living Challenge

This began as normal, run both on Facebook and on the MSE forums, so if you haven't yet joined us, you will find us HERE

Now for a look forward - for many, the frugal living challenge is about paying off existing debts, maintaining tight budgets to stay out of debt or saving for things that are better than just the mundane. Having reached the latter stage in 2007, while also having stuck rigidly to my £4k + council tax challenge ever since, my immediate family has grown by 5 new members so far (1 son-in-law, 4 grandchildren) and shrunk by 2 (sudden death of my dad a few years back and then my gran passed away the following year). Next month, my son gets married, so we'll be welcoming a new member into the family, by way of a lovely daughter-in-law and then, who knows what might happen over the coming years.

My current and future frugaling involves paving the way for family and others, helping to provide them with the wherewithal to achieve and maintain their own debt freedom. Hopefully, they will carry on the legacy that has become known as Frugaldom. It's been 20 years since I set up our little group of money-savers, we just didn't have online forums back then - it was 1999 before we managed to get everyone online and publish the money-saving challenge. Back then, we had 'Lucky Penny', 'Cyberdosh' and The Scottish Pound. :)  From those tiny beginnings, it developed into Frugaldom. We are all pursuing the lifestyles we choose to follow, but in saying that - be careful what you wish for, as life has a very funny habit of misinterpreting stuff.

Frugaldom is slowly developing from a simple idea into an actual social enterprise project for anyone with a mind to do so to get involved. We have holiday caravans and a holiday cottage. We are dog friendly. We are horse and pony friendly. Follow Frugaldom on Twitter or on Facebook, find the Frugal Living Challenge 2018 on Moneysavingexpert website or simply get in contact to find out more.

New for 2018 - we have just launched our Frugal Breaks website with online booking.

Hopefully, the above should prove that this lifestyle is for the long term and not just an emergency measure. However, any length of time spend being aware of your spending habits and in control of your budget can help a bit.

Farewell frugal friends, I'll be back just as soon as I've tidied up the aftermath of having been left without this website. Thanks for hanging around long enough for me to organise the rescue party and thank you, once again, David. (JustDAJ)

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