What is Frugaldom

02 Apr 2018

Frugaldom - who, what, where, why?

Frugaldom is about frugal living.

Frugaldom is about sustainability

Frugaldom is about a simple, minimalist lifestyle that embraces the great outdoors and all it can provide.

Frugaldom is about prioritising spending, diverting funds away from wastefulness and towards financial self-sufficiency, thus affording us a more sustainable lifestyle, free from the constraints of debt.

Frugaldom is about understanding the clear-cut difference between actual needs and wants. Needs are necessary for our survival and well-being, whereas wants are personal and can usually be bought.

Sustaining our needs is paramount to our success. We all need basic nourishment, shelter and suitable clothing befitting our environment, just as animals need food, water and shelter. Our food source is, for one and all, the earth on which we stand. Food needs to be grown or raised and, ultimately, it all begins life in the ground. So why aren't more people taking care of planet earth when it's the only one we have? 

According to Wikipedia, planet earth has a land surface area somewhere in the region of 148,940,000 km2, or  57,510,000 square miles, accounting for less that one third of the entire surface of our planet. This, along with the vast oceans and icecaps, must feed, cloth and sustain the health and welfare, not to mention the wealth, of about 7,612,542,650 people. In the grand scale of things, this is not much and it's dwindling BY THE HOUR.

The global population is increasing daily while, according to some, the land surface area may be shrinking. I'm not even going to attempt to factor in climatic change, rising sea levels or planetary rotational shifts but the numbers speak for themselves...

Do you consider yourself responsible for the footprint YOU leave on this earth as testimony to your existence? If not, why not? Are you happy? If not, why not?

There is a natural hierarchy in life. At the top are us humans - although some may argue this point. At some stage in our lengthy and on-going evolution, mankind was given, or attained, dominion over all else. At least, that is my understanding of things. Within each species, all  along or down the chain, there is a hierarchy but only humans, in all our forms, have the ability to hold rational discussion and widespread action that can cross continents, oceans and language barriers. So why, when the above 'disaster waiting to happen' is self-evident, do so many choose to do so little or else take so much negative action against one another?

Is it simply money?

How can it be, if money cannot buy more land than our planet has to offer?

How can it be, if money cannot buy prolonged, indefinite or eternal life?

What is this thing people refer to as 'happiness'?

Why is there so much personal negativity on this tiny rock that orbits the sun?

Why do we live in such an ill-divided world?

Are you an eco-warrior or an eco-warrior? One fights to defend or protect for eco logical reasons, the other battles to defend or protect for eco nomical reasons. Can anyone succeed in balancing both?

Just some witterings from me on this chilly, windy day. indecision

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