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01 Dec 2015

15 Years down the road and round the bend but not quite over the hill... Our satirical 'Woman Zone' columns first appeared in print in 1999. Those responsible for the rants, raves and ramblings included Shona Prophett, the Bishop, Rosemary, Eddie Elwood, Jordan, Millie May, Agnes and Senga... names that many of you may recognise and characters some of you met.

We like pink!

Take note - we like the big pink ones!

The original concept came about from a development of a project known locally as 'Saltire Satire'. From there, it incorporated 'The Plonkers', our intrepid group of cheap wine-tasters, then finally it grew into what became known simply as the Woman Zone. We didn't do 'knit and natter', we did 'stitch and bitch'. We didn't do year-round diet fads, we did (still do) February flab fight, owing to the nature of that month and it being the shortest of the year. We didn't discuss finances, we beat the cr*p out the budgets and followed a frugal regime about which many can no more than fantasise.

Woman Zone is a light-hearted approach to helping solve all of life's little problems. We have private forums and a chat room where questions can be asked that may not have been asked elsewhere. Whether your tales involve marital bliss and harmony (or not, as the case may be) or an alternative look at health, wealth and sheer frustration, it's a place where almost anything remotely connected to the subject of women - yes, even men - can be discussed. Join us online in the Woman Zone of our frugal forums.

Over the past 15 years the website has drifted, mistaken for all types of things that it isn't: we are not linked to "Woman Zone, the leading UK supplier of post operative mastectomy bras", although we are still receiving their emails! Nor are we linked in any way to sexual enhancement products, clothing stores or lesbian groups. We are simply part of the overall concept that falls under the banner heading of 'Now You Know', which was, and still is, part of NYK Media.

That said, I should also point out that 'NYK' does not stand for New York Knicks, we do not own an international shipping company, Eddie Elwood is not, and never has been, Mr Universe (although Mr Ellwood, himself, did end up becoming involved, at one stage) and Jordan has never been married to Peter Andre.

So now you know a little bit about our history, we are about to bring you some blasts from the past. It may be totally new to you, it may be old rope, whatever it is to you, make the most of it, because this time it's all FREE!

There will be a completely new look brought in for the Woman Zone website, the Woman Zone blog will bring you new material, most of which will be open to comment and the corresponding forums will provide you with the opportunity to interact in real time.

Get into the woman zone

Finally, I am personally inviting you to ' get into the woman zone ' in our forums and have your say. Join us in our daily rants and read the stories of others as they unfold and feel free to share yours. Who knows, you might even find yourself having a laugh. Humour is always on our side so even during those most depressing, sad or lonely times, laughter may be all it takes to help ease your troubles. Finding a like-minded individual within our midst could be your catalyst to a brighter future.

2016 is just around the corner and I hope to see you there!

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