04 Feb 2015

50 Shades of Frugaldom - A short blog post to introduce the forthcoming makeover of our very popular WomanZone, for all things 'women on a budget' who are seeking frugal and affordable fun. Look good, feel good and spend wisely.

Womanzone banner

It's all for fun, a bit of satire with a few sponsors, affiliates and photos plus access to the Woman Zone blog and the all new forums and chat room.

Categories could include:

  • Our very own satirical agony aunt
  • Frugal fashion
  • Frugal fun
  • Frugal fitness
  • Looking good while cooking food
  • Frugal beauty
  • Saving on the housekeeping so we can afford to have fun

You get the picture... we're finding the most affordable ways for women to have fun within their own domestic environments, be it partying, wining, dining, dolling up for the fun of it, inviting friends round for cake and coffee or just generally finding ways of enjoying what we have as we follow lives of frugaldom.

Have fun in the forums, arrange a chat in the chat room and watch out for those fun bargains posted in womanzone.co.uk that can be bought, traded, swapped or simply do it yourself and make your own in time for Valentine's Day. We already know that us frugal women are culinary geniuses in the kitchen and fully in control of our own budgets. No offence to our male readers, you're all welcome to chip in your tuppence worth of worldly wisdom on the subject of women! As the saying goes, the best things in life are free! If they aren't free then at least make them frugal!

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