Busy summer at the Ecoarts studio

SAM_9669 (640x240)

The wire horse has been completed and work has started on another wooden horse.

SAM_9646 (640x462)

The latest wooden horse is made from branches left behind at the Frugaldom project,  formerly felled forestry land which is now being rejuvenated.

SAM_9643 (640x494)

Detail of the latest wooden horse sculpture which will join the mare and foal once completed.

SAM_9583 (640x447)

There has also been some urgent repair work carried out on Salix the willow sheep. Some stray sheep from a neighbouring farm left Salix in a sorry state.

SAM_9639 (579x640)

Salix has now been rebuilt and provided with some protection in the form of chicken wire.

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Wire horse set to join Frugaldom project


The latest sculpture to be completed by Ecoarts is a wire horse for the Frugaldom project in Dumfries & Galloway.

The horse has been made largely from old chicken wire which has been recycled after taking down some old chicken runs. The frame of the horse was made from old sticks from the Frugaldom site with wire gradually wrapped around.


The wire was then pressed into shape to add some detail on the head and body of the horse. Any rusting wire was cut away with thinner cut strips used to bind together the larger pieces.


A close-up of the head of the wire horse

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Making the Frugaldom Unicorn


This Unicorn has been made by Ecoarts entirely out of discarded wood and now has centre stage at the Frugaldom project.


The head and neck of the unicorn in the early stages. The pieces are carefully positioned and screwed together to form a solid sculpture.


The horn and mane are the last pieces to be added. The horn was made from a recycled twisted old walking stick which proved to be ideal.


Finally, the white and gold paint is added to complete the sculpture. The unicorn has been named “Myrical”.

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Mare and Foal wooden sculptures


Wooden sculptures of a mare and foal created from recycled branches and sticks from old felled woodland.

The materials were left to rot on the site of the Frugaldom project, once harvested as a woodland. The first Ecoarts wooden horse had been made from driftwood but discarded branches from felled woodland are in plentiful supply.


The more brittle pieces of wood are discarded but the stronger pieces can be treated or even painted, as with the earlier Belted Galloway cattle sculptures.


A different angle showing the structure of the mare and foal sculptures

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Commissioned Ecoarts sculptures go on display

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Four commissioned Ecoarts wooden animal sculptures are now on display at Three Lochs Caravan Park, Balminnoch, Dumfries & Galloway. A Belted Galloway and calf have been sited beside Loch Heron while the Red Kite sculpture overlooks the Park and Loch … Continue reading

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The Galloway Horse at Frugaldom

This gallery contains 11 photos.

My latest project is a sculpture of a rearing horse that is being created to commemorate the historic importance of the long forgotten Galloways and their contribution to the horseracing industry. Without these Galloway ponies, there would have been no ‘Eclipse’ in the Thoroughbred pedigrees of … Continue reading

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Red Kite Sculpture for Local Nature Trail

This gallery contains 18 photos.

I am delighted to have been commissioned to produce a series of sculptures to go on permanent display at a local nature trail. The recently completed Frugaldom owl has proved very popular so I have decided to start the series … Continue reading

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Sculpture of an owl landing on a tree stump

This gallery contains 17 photos.

The latest project to be completed at Ecoarts is a sculpture of an owl. A neglected tree stump at Frugaldom had been selected as an ideal place to site the sculpture. The idea was to make the owl appear to be landing on the … Continue reading

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Making a Sheep out of Willow

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Part of the Frugaldom Project involves the growing and harvesting of willow and one of its intended uses is for sculpture to display in the Ecoarts garden. Having worked mostly in driftwood for the past year, I decided that it … Continue reading

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Making a Driftwood Fox

This gallery contains 6 photos.

“Horatio The Heron” has now gone to his new home and I have started work on a driftwood fox. I decided to have the fox walking but looking back over his left shoulder, as if startled or on the lookout for … Continue reading

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