American Airlines Tentative Agreement

A big sore point was the U.S. move to outsource future maintenance work, something the union said was protected by the new agreements. CHICAGO, Jan 30 (Reuters) – American Airlines Holdings Inc said this week it had reached a preliminary agreement with its mechanics` union for new joint collective agreements, which is nearing the end of fierce negotiations that have dragged on for years. March 27, 2020 The Association and American Airlines have reached an agreement on the implementation of certain elements of the JCBA until these contracts are successfully ratified yesterday. The following points cover payment, retirement and some benefits that are most important for our membership: 1) All JCBA pay rates are valid on the first Monday after […] “Together, after more than four years, the terms of these agreements are proof that we have taken the right track and secured the best contracts in the aviation sector,” they said. The agreements also offer “the best profit-making formula in the sector,” the unions said. This formula, well above the 5% That American currently proposes, could be a model for what other working groups will receive: it will provide 10% of the first $2.5 billion before US tax income and 20% of pre-tax income above $2.5 billion. The deal, valued at $4.2 billion by unions, includes five separate agreements covering mechanics, fleet services and related groups, including maintenance coaches. Ratification by union members is necessary. Preliminary agreement.

It has not yet been voted on and approved by union members. After four years of negotiations, American Airlines has reached a tentative agreement with the unions that represent their mechanics and fleet service agents. The agreements with the TWU-IAM Association, which cover more than 31,000 employees, are still subject to ratification by union members, the airline said in a statement. “Our members at Maintenance & Related and Fleet Service are the best in the industry and work incredibly hard to take care of our customers,” said Doug Parker, President and CEO of American. “They deserve contracts that involve significant improvements in wages, quality of life and job protection. Preliminary agreements provide all this – and more. We appreciate the negotiators of the association and the company who have worked so hard to reach us so far, as well as the National Conciliation Committee for their instructions. FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines and the TWU-IAM Association this week reached preliminary agreements on new joint collective agreements covering more than 31,000 team members. American Airlines and TWU-IAM (the unions representing mechanics) have finally reached a provisional agreement of 4.2 billion $US covering more than 31,000 employees. The deals are worth $4.2 billion and provide more than 30,000 employees with top-notch salaries, social benefits, labor rules, job security and retirement income, the union, TWU-IAM Association, said on its website. .

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