An Introduction to Bigvyor

My blog is being produced in association with and, for those of you that have not yet visited the site, I can thoroughly recommend it. Although it is already an excellent source of ideas and inspiration, it is also about expression and about community.

As an artist, I was delighted to find a suitable platform to showcase my work. More than that, the site affords the artist the opportunity to share their ideas and inspiration with others. For the art lover, they are given the chance to browse a wide diversity of art from across the world. A recently updated feature allows the artist to price and sell their work through the site. An innovative feature allows you to create a room from the artworks on offer, combining them in such a way as to form your own personal artistic expression.

What struck me most of all was the enormous range of media and style on offer. There are literally categories for everything! As well as the more traditional categories such as Painting, Sketches and Drawings, Crafts and Photography, there are also a number of areas that reflect art in modern times. There is an Electronic Art section, another for Folk Art and one for Street Art. If you are still struggling to find your own particular niche, there is a separate section titled “Unique and Unusual”. The site surely has something for everyone!

Rather like visiting an art gallery, it is impossible to take everything in during one brief visit. I picked out two artists that caught my attention straight away. The first is the photography of Deepak Mohan. In a gallery titled “Random Thoughts” I found some beautiful landscapes of London’s skyline including a particularly striking image of The London Eye. All too often we pass through places like this without having the time to stop and take in some of the breathtaking views on offer. Deepak clearly has a natural talent for landscape photography and it is well worth taking the time to browse his galleries.

The second artist that I’d like to recommend is Jing Bao who has artwork in both the Electronic Art and Acrylic painting sections. Her digital art is quite spectacular and I was particularly taken by her image of a horse. She has used a similar rendering to depict sailing boats and the results are impressive. Working with a limited palette, she has produced some amazing pieces of art that are good enough to display in any gallery. To look at her two acrylic paintings you would not know they were by the same artist. There is one titled Times Square at Night that has an abstract quality and uses bold colours. This reminds me of some work I did myself many years ago, depicting busy city street scenes.

I will definitely return to the site frequently and I urge you to do the same. If you are an artist please come and join us at Bigvyor and help us to build our world wide art community! If you would like to contact me about my blog or any art-related matters, my email address is

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