Artwork For Sale*

Small Driftwood Sculptures

These playful foal sculptures are approximately 2ft in height and are ideal for the small garden or conservatory. Each one is truly unique and can be left in a natural wood finished or coloured to suit your requirements.

Wall Hanging Driftwood Sculptures

These can be made to your specifications, typically between 4ft and 6ft wide. If you would like a certain pose and characteristics to resemble a particular horse, please send details and photographs for the artist to work from.

Large Free-Standing Driftwood Sculptures

Our large free-standing driftwood and wildwood sculptures can be displayed in large gardens or lawned areas. We can also make these to your requirements, perhaps to resemble your favourite horse or pet.

Commissions welcome – Contact the Artist for further details. Email

Visit our Etsy page to see our full range of sculptures, from small personalised rocking horses up to lifesize installations. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of artwork are put back into the project. Thank you.

*Images are of completed artworks for illustration purposes only.

3 Responses to Artwork For Sale*

  1. Joan Porter says:

    Hi there

    I live beside Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland and am trying to create a heron sculpture from local driftwood. I have read your heron tutorial and can’t read how to fix the pieces together. Needs to be simple as I am very much an amateur!

    All the best


    • Eco Arts says:

      Hi Joan,
      Thanks for your interest in my sculptures. Sorry that you are struggling to fit the driftwood pieces together but there is a knack to it. You will need to pre-drill the holes before screwing it together to avoid the wood breaking. It is usually best to find the thickest part of the wood for obvious reasons. You can use a strong glue for smaller pieces and this can act as a temporary fix until you can screw it together. Used galvanised screws. I hope this helps?
      All the best,

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