Badger and Deer join the Eco Arts Garden


Since completing the squirrel, I have been busy creating a badger and a deer for the Eco Arts Garden Project.

The badger proved quite challenging with his big feet and instantly recognisable features.  I used some old burnt wood to get some contrast on his face but took quite some time finding suitably gnarled pieces to form his legs and feet.


I think this project fell somewhere between the driftwood sculptures and the use of shavings and wood glue, as with the tawny owl.

I was keen to get back to a larger scale project and chose a red deer stag as my next project. The amazing thing about this project is that people seemed to recognise it as a deer almost immediately!


I was a little worried that it would look a bit like a horse with horns to start with but it developed very well and may even be the most successful sculpture to date.

There was a minor problem finding and transporting the antlers safely, which I then proceeded to break by foolishly leaving the deer on three legs for a moment! After a hasty bit of repair work, all was well.


Considering it is just a little over three months since I started the driftwood horse, I have to be quite pleased with how it is going. The sculptures have certainly attracted plenty of interest locally and the Eco Arts Garden Project is already planning to expand. I will bring you up-to-date with my next project very soon.

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