Busy summer at the Ecoarts studio

SAM_0086 (439x640)

Work at the Ecoarts studio this summer included a break from the usual animal sculptures for this commissioned fairy! She was made out of wildwood and recycled wire from the Frugaldom project.SAM_9669 (640x240)

The wire horse has been completed and work has started on another wooden horse.

SAM_9646 (640x462)

The latest wooden horse is made from branches left behind at the Frugaldom project,  formerly felled forestry land which is now being rejuvenated.

SAM_9643 (640x494)

Detail of the latest wooden horse sculpture.

SAM_9583 (640x447)

There has also been some urgent repair work carried out on Salix the willow sheep. Some stray sheep from a neighbouring farm left Salix in a sorry state.

SAM_9639 (579x640)

Salix has now been rebuilt and provided with some protection in the form of chicken wire.

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