Confidentiality Agreement In Espanol

This agreement can be used to protect confidential information in domestic and international negotiations. Once the parties and the nature of the negotiations they conduct have been identified, the information considered confidential and the obligations that must be undertaken to preserve confidentiality, as well as the exceptions that might be applicable, will be defined. Contracting parties are required to respect confidentiality during the negotiation process and for a later period defined in the agreement. This type of agreement is intended to ensure that the other party cannot benefit from the information obtained or, if negotiations fail, prevent it from disclosing the above information to the competition. A model of the confidentiality agreement (also known as a confidentiality agreement) that is intended to protect certain sensitive information (financial, business or technology information) provided in the context of negotiations between companies. It is generally used in pre-distribution negotiations, licensing, technology transfer, franchise, production, joint venture and merger and acquisition agreements, and generally any enterprise agreement that may result in prior exchange of confidential information.

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