Customer Value Agreements

A cat® customer value contract is an easy possession plan for your convenience. Original Cat® provide parts if you need them, right outside your door, with stress-free maintenance instructions. You will receive the security of an Appliance Protection Plan (EPP) and expert assistance against unforeseen repair costs. You have security by controlling the health of the machines directly via your phone. And everything can be included in your monthly machine payment. It`s a simple plan to use the value of the cat – beyond the machine – to maximize your investment and reduce operating costs. It`s a CVA. A CVA is an individual plan for all your devices, regardless of age or application, without pre-defined requirements. It can cover an entire aircraft, systems or fleets. While a CVA is a great tool for managing new Cat devices from the start, agreements can be written even after the sale to help you control costs and improve availability. Each CVA offers different elements depending on the industry and the Cat product. Check out the pages above for specific details of CVA. But for every CVA, you can expect these four areas of property value.

Trust the experts. That is the best thing we can do. From routine preventative maintenance support to main component repairs to fully customizable maintenance contracts, Quinn Company`s customer support agreements are tailored to you and your equipment. Cover the entire machine or individual machine systems such as engine, hydraulic system, powertrain and/or landing gear. It`s up to you! Your Cat dealer can go through flexible CVA options: scheduled maintenance (PM) management based on working hours, whether you`re doing maintenance or prefers reseller service, amount of EPP coverage and much more. Below you will find the main reasons why you will find value in a CVA. As a comprehensive solutions provider, Warren CAT focuses on providing value-added services that save your business time and money. A Cat CVA covers more than regular maintenance and repairs. Below you will find the main reasons why you will find value in a CVA: There are many that goes into possession of devices, so there is a lot that comes with CVAs. Watch this video to get an overview of what they offer and how they can contribute to the simple possession and preparation of your machine.

CVAs bring together dealer advice, simple parts purchases and options for flexible payment terms. What percentage of your resources are spent on the following? with Original Cat Parts delivered directly to you, on time for the interview. Service options are flexible to best suit your operation. . . . Each package has its own fixed costs, so you know exactly what you`re getting for your budget. CVAS FOR NEW CAT MACHINESIf you buy a new machine, you have three CVA options suitable for different operations. Whether you`re in charge of maintenance or want reseller service, these CVAs benefit from your new machine and can reduce your ownership and operating costs, while providing a problem-free possession experience.

Subject to restrictions and availability. Additional terms and conditions may apply. For more information, contact your Cat dealer. Our professionally trained and certified technicians help you maintain your equipment and reduce your operating costs.

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