Eco Arts Project 2013

It has been a long winter and we are still looking out at snow with Easter weekend approaching. The miserable weather certainly hasn’t helped in moving forward with plans to get our Ecoarts project going this year but there must be better days ahead.

Eco arts covers just about anything that involves the use of recycled or reclaimed materials, or even something that is just economical. I have great plans for some “living” sculptures that can reside in the garden and change with the seasons, although I may have to rethink some of those to give them a better chance of survival! Once you start looking around at the assortment of bits and bobs that would normally go to waste, you realise just how much can be recycled into new artwork or useful objects.


A few years ago I made a few creations out of wood based on the local animal life. The Belted Galloway Cattle proved extremely popular, not just as stand-alone figures but also as planters. The figures transformed ordinary planters into nice decorative pieces for the garden or patio. I also used a similar design for some donkey planters and house signs of a Clydesdale horse and an Ayrshire cow. A show jumper and racehorse followed, one of which found its way to a racing stables in America!

ayrshireThese designs were hand drawn and painted but I’m planning on being much more creative once I get my studio organised. I am still very keen to see what I can do with driftwood and perhaps a combination of recycled materials for sculpting. I have been busy visiting local sites for inspiration and there is no shortage of that in this beautiful part of Scotland. They do say that preparation is half the battle so I’ve already built up quite a good supply of source material.


Another part of the ecoarts project is the Clan McGonk. Their creator describes them as “Little Scottish eco-warriors” made from recycled scraps of fabrics. These little characters are gradually spreading out from their base in Dumfries & Galloway to places across the globe. Each one is unique and their new owners are invited to send back photographs of their adventures to be posted on the McGonks website. McGonks are also doing their bit for good causes with a sponsored climb up Ben Nevis in May this year. The walk is to help raise funds for the Port William Lifeboat and full details can be found here

My blog is being run in association with Bigvyor, an online arts community site. The site is still developing but already offers free storage of files, enabling you to create your own online gallery. This is a great way to share your ideas with other artists or promote your work free of charge. Whether it is painting, sculpture, photography or design, you will find a place for it on Bigvyor. In fact, there is even a section called “Everything” so there is no excuse for not getting involved!

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