Fca Handbook Client Agreements

52 (2) Investment firms that provide investment advice on an independent or non-independent basis explain to the client the range of financial instruments that may be recommended, including the entity`s relationship with issuers or instrument suppliers. This section implements the provisions of the MiFID Directive relating to the description of advisory services with respect to financial instruments and structured deposits for all clients and includes a number of provisions of the MiFID Org Regulation directly applicable, as explained in COBS 1.2. The requirements apply to miFID, equivalent third countries or optional exemptions. The requirements are extended to other investment advisory services and cover other investment products for small investors when the client is a private client in the UK. Organizing or completing a transaction recommended to a private client by the company, associated company or other entity in the same group, or performing administrative tasks related to that transaction; or to a client who has his or her usual residence outside the United Kingdom, if the customer concerned has requested it or if the company has taken appropriate steps to establish that it does not wish to receive it; inform the customer if it is possible to purchase the various components separately and, if so, must provide the customer with an appropriate description of: 3the company has proof that the customer has accessed an assessment of his reported investments or the customer`s money at least once in the previous quarter. That the client`s designated investments or client`s money may be held by a third party on behalf of the company; (a) the entity markets itself in such a way that it is only intended to attract customers with a preference for these categories or a number of financial instruments; Disclosure or authorization of financial assistance communicated or likely to be communicated to such contact is not an MIF or equivalent transaction in a third country. In such circumstances, “non-MiFID” client categorizations are relevant and “quantitative testing” is not necessary for the categorization of working clients.1 A company that holds certain investments or certain client funds for a salary of its clients6, subject to the retention or money of the client, must provide that client with the following information. The company must inform this customer of its new categorization.

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