Financial Separation Agreement Scotland

Decisions made during your separation will have a long-term impact on you and your family`s standard of living. Therefore, in the event of financial separation, it is often necessary to create a separation agreement defining how your property will be distributed, whether there will be ongoing financial arrangements and, if so, how they will be implemented. If you don`t want your “minute of agreement” to be called into question – because it`s not fair or reasonable – you and your ex-partner (man, wife or life partner) need to be totally open and honest about your finances. It is important that both spouses receive legal advice from family lawyers prior to the conclusion of a separation agreement, as it will likely be a legally binding contract after signing and you may not be able to opt out of the contract. It is best to talk to us before signing such a document. A separation agreement is a written agreement between a couple who wants to end the life together. It sets out how they plan to regulate financial rules, property and rules for children. Separation agreements are very often concluded in Scotland and are legally binding on the parties. Very often, such agreements are concluded without ever being brought to justice, and they often follow mediations, collaborative cases and negotiations. After signing and registering, these agreements are used to remove all claims that one party of the other party may make in the event of divorce or death. In the practice of Glasgow law, our family lawyers understand that separation or divorce is a life-changing situation for our clients.

We are committed to providing the best possible advice to help them sort and deal with all issues; Ensure that they are fully informed when making important decisions about their own future and the future of their families. Below is a general overview of separation agreements in Scotland. If you would like to learn more about separation and how we can help you, please contact our friendly team for a confidential and non-binding chat. You can also get free advice from the citizens` council if you have any questions about separating from a separation agreement or separating from your partner. Once the contract is signed by both parties, they can usually file for a simple divorce if they are married or resolved, if they are in partnership as soon as they have been separated for a year or two.

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